Important announcement about the Exhibition date!!!

All, Jamie and I have decided pull the opening evening to the Friday night of the 25th of February at 1900 hours or 7 pm for you Land Lubbers!

Christian will be opening the Exhibition and we hope to see all of the blogging community and our fans there.

As posted previously the Exhibition will be at the Kidogo Art House which is located on the beach in Fremantle and just south of the Round House.

The exhibition will be open for 4 days until Tuesday evening for those who cannot make it earlier.

See you all on Friday week!

~ by True North Mark on February 14, 2011.

14 Responses to “Important announcement about the Exhibition date!!!”

  1. Geez make up your minds would ya fella’s your worse than women. It’s ment to be a woman’s prerogative not a bloke’s LOL.
    Can’t wait to go, it should be a good night. Excited to be able to see your work.

  2. Oh I’ll forgive ya Mark, look forward to seeing you again.

  3. Have to rearrange my whole diary now.

  4. Where do we find the Australia Day photo comp 10. Finalists?

    Good wish for your Kidogo exhibition.
    Wonderful venue. I’m sure wel’ll be treated to amazing images.

    • Thanks Clive…I look fwd to seeing my number 1 fan there!



    • Hi Clive…sorry missed the first part of your question.

      Not sure about where the photo comp is at actually Clive…I will chase it up for you and revert!

  5. Important announcement duly noted 🙂

  6. Friday night looks out for me but I hope to get there over the weekend. Are the photographers going to be there the whole time to answer questions and give tips?

    • I will be there a fair bit over the weekend Muzz, but if you settle on a time, let me know and I will try to be there.

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