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First shots from True North

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We have had a fantastic start to the Kimberley season on the True North and have just come back from the Montgomery heli flight.

Yesterday we spent exploring the Horizontal waterfalls and Lead Line Creek. There is a cool little shack there set up by a guy who wanted to live out there for a will right next to a cute little water fall. It would have taken him some time to lug all the gear up there as it took us about 45 minutes to get there from the tender lugging no gear!

Stay tuned as i will be posting every day from now on.

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Stormy Skies over Geograph Bay

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Another image from Geograph Bay just prior to sunrise.Some very cool skies greeted me this morning!



Mandurah Marina, 1st stop for the Riviera Variety Splash

•March 6, 2011 • 6 Comments





The first stop down the coast was at the Mandurah Marina and I must say that it has come  long way since I saw it about 12 months ago.

This shot was taken from the Marina Developers own apartment which had this view from his balcony…I think I could live with such a view…at a pinch! 🙂

Sunrise at Geograph Bay Marina

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Ian Wise picked me up this morning for a sunrise shoot at the Geograph Bay Marina and we were presented with a very calm start to the morning with a storm front developing off in the distance.

Bullseye has been the lead vessel in the Variety Splash and there theme has been Toy Story…very appropriate given the name of the vessel!










Move Variety Splash Images

•March 6, 2011 • 9 Comments





























Some more images from the Variety Splash. The top one is of our boat cruising past a reflection in a window at teh Mandurah Marina.

The next is the raft up in Meelup…gotta love the colour of that water!

Followed by a Gladiator doing a good deed and retrieving a part of a boat costume!

And finally the Fremantle Fire Rescue boat putting on a show for us as we departed for Busselton.

More images from the Variety Splash

•March 5, 2011 • 5 Comments

















Not a bad day at all down here today. After that cracker of a sunrise, I captured this young fellow having an early morning fish and then we went off to Bunkers Bay for breaky followed by a leisurely swim at Meelup…sensational!

Piped Piper!

•March 5, 2011 • 2 Comments







A little after the last post with a beautiful start to the morning. This guy thought he was teh pied piper I think as he had a pod of dolphins following him for quite a while.

Riviera Variety Splash

•March 5, 2011 • 27 Comments

The reason why you haven’t heard from me for a while is I am on a mates 47′ Riviera and we have cruised down South to Quindalup with the RIviera Variety Splash, which is a fund raiser for Variety which supports families with kids in need.

We have had a wonderful cruise so far with Northerlies up our butt on the way down and a dead flat sunrise this morning that produced this special start to the day for me.

Getting to the shore was a bit of a challenge, with my camera and a few lenses in a waterproof bag and then paddling into the beach on a stand up board!

Stay tuned for more Variety Bash shots!