Riviera Variety Splash

The reason why you haven’t heard from me for a while is I am on a mates 47′ Riviera and we have cruised down South to Quindalup with the RIviera Variety Splash, which is a fund raiser for Variety which supports families with kids in need.

We have had a wonderful cruise so far with Northerlies up our butt on the way down and a dead flat sunrise this morning that produced this special start to the day for me.

Getting to the shore was a bit of a challenge, with my camera and a few lenses in a waterproof bag and then paddling into the beach on a stand up board!

Stay tuned for more Variety Bash shots!


~ by True North Mark on March 5, 2011.

27 Responses to “Riviera Variety Splash”

  1. Phew …… I thought you had given the blog away as well.

    Ripper looking sky there Mark.

    Might be down there tomorrow myself.

    • No mate…just been a tad busy is all!

      Have heaps of good stuff to post when I get a mo!



  2. Very sweet image Mark – gorgeous powerful light and strong composition make this one of your best for quite a while I reckon.


  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous Mark.

  4. Looks sweet mate! Horizon dangerously close to the middle though 🙂 Sitting down can dramatize the lines and lift that horizon 🙂

    I foresee a great photo op in the Kimberley, True North Mark battling a croc, smashing that thing with his 1D ! Show that Lik fella who the real adventureman is 🙂 I’ll capture the picture mate, Dave will be too busy resetting batteries etc.

  5. Great image Mark, yes it is good when all the elements come together…

  6. Cracker mate!

  7. Very nice mate. Nice glow throughout and as per usual a great sky.

  8. wowe! best photo I have seed on blogsville for quite a while! love it

  9. Simply beautiful mate. I love those warm tones.


  10. Lovely image Mark, tough way to start the day…

  11. Some very nice light Mark! I was south for the weekend too. Dont have a camera anymore though!! time to order a MK2 this week 🙂

    • What happened to the other one mate?

      The mk 3 is due out soon as well!



  12. Sold the D90, time to upgrade! yeh I still think it will be later in the year till the mk3 is out, and i cant wait that long haha

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