Pinnacles Sunset





On our recent trip to the Pinnacles with Neal (Spool) Pritchard, we got to the Pinnacles with ample time to scope the area and did a full circuit of the area. The light was getting lower and lower and we were needing to make the final decision about where to go for that final shot and we both decided to go just around the corner from here.

Then guess what…2 girls had also settled on this spot with their point and shoots and their favorite toy duck! Yep that’s right, they were putting this duck in and on the Pinnacles everywhere and pace as much as I liked, they simply carried on with their mission.

Neal set himself up on a bit of a rise and had a good perspective for the 50mm. I, on the other hand was running out of options, so i decided to walk over the hill and back to these Pinnacles which were some of the larger and more interesting ones we had scoped for the night shoot.

I started off with the 17mm tilt shift but quickly changed to the 50mm prime for the pano that started to present itself in front of me.

The final result is pretty cool I think and the colours in the sky very much compliment the Pinnacles colours.

The whole exercise shows just how much luck plays a big part in where you end up on any shoot and how you have to keep looking around!

~ by True North Mark on January 24, 2011.

15 Responses to “Pinnacles Sunset”

  1. You picked a great night to go up there Mark. Great shot the cloud colour is sensational!
    No duck photos??? ha ha ha. Nice one mate.

  2. that sky and colour is perfect Markie. See you in a couple of days.

    • Thanks little buddy and also to Cleggy….quack quack…no mate I resisted the temptation to get the duck!



  3. Stunning colours there Mark – the whisp of pink cloud in the top of frame is an eye catching detail.

    • Yeah the clouds ended up working spot on for the composition eh Tone! You can get lucky sometimes!



  4. Great image of the Pinnacles Mark, worked out nicely! I reckon a duck sitting on top of the LH pinnacle would have been gold! :-0

  5. Yeah that was a little strange with the toy they where placing on the rock … What floats some boats sometimes surprises me … Check that sky out … Nicely captured there Mark …

    That band of cloud seemed to hang around for a coupe of hours till the moonrise … Yep sometimes you get lucky with light other times it is a disaster …. I hope to get my POV up over the next day or so …

    • Looking fwd to it Mr. Spool…I am sure it will be of awesomeness that we have come to expect from you mate!

  6. Love that colour in the clouds you guys must of had a phat time out there Mark hmm I have some images from up around there I will have to go digging I think 🙂

  7. What an amazing sky! This has to be one of my favorite pinnacles shots ever….I get fed up of seeing the same old shots but the sky gives this a real WOW factor. great image!

    • Thanks Treasure….A big cuddle coming your way tomorrow for that comment!

      I too have struggled to find an image of the Pinnacles that I rate so I am pleased I was able to perform on this occasion!

  8. Awesome colours mate

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