Final Bibra Lake Full Moon Shot

Here you go Bo…one moon shot exposed for the moon!

Thanks for the heads up! I went out and did a number of experiments on exposures and settled on f8, iso 100 and 1/160 shutter…blended it in and vola!

Hope you like it mate!

~ by True North Mark on June 27, 2010.

16 Responses to “Final Bibra Lake Full Moon Shot”

  1. Yeah not bad , maybe just a little more detail. Having said that it might look like crap with more detail so take no notice of me.

    The concept is worth pursuing.

    • Thanks Mervy…not sure what more to pursue mate…at the end of my talent right there!:)

  2. Mark to be honest, I like the first one you put up. It was arty..sometimes it’s best leaving it the way it was taken.

    • Thanks for the input Peta.

      I also still like that one but am happy now. That I learned a few tricks about shooting the moon.



  3. Really like this one Mark, once again I reckon the moon could be just a tad lighter!

    Cheers mate,

  4. Nice image again Mark but I love the first one better just had more of a feel about it to me but hey we all have different opinions if we were all the same there would be no reason for us all to take images :).

  5. Yeah, for me this is the best version, a tad too yellow moon but I like it much better with the details. Good fun process and image!

    • Thanks Bo,

      The yellow comes from the NIK Silver Effex effect I chose which gives the whole image that yellow effect.

      The other option was to go Black and White, but I kinda liked this effect for some reason.

  6. Both are bloody good efforts.

  7. I would suggest maybe brighten and whiten the moon a little.
    I managed to get out and shoot the full moon that night over here in Canada, will hopefully have something up over the next few days

  8. hmmm, I like both shots. This is really arty, I really like it.

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