Reworked Lightning Fields

Here you go boys and girls…the reworked version of Karijini Lightning fields.

Hope you like it better than the first version!

~ by True North Mark on May 4, 2010.

23 Responses to “Reworked Lightning Fields”

  1. I like the earth and sky tones better in the first I think – seems a bit more contrasty around the tree in this one. As previously noted on a few blog posts, the thumbnail looks different to the large image – I like the thumbnail tones in this post.

  2. this one is wayyyyyy better for me Mark, the crop works better and is more balanced and without the green bush its far easier to look at..up there with one of the best ones now i rekon!

  3. just went back and looked at the previous version, you change the clouds in this version too? or am i trippin…

  4. Thumbs up from me mate

  5. Yeah this is better.

  6. A real gem Mark. One of the best shots I’ve seen from the Pilbara in quite a while. Awesome!!!

  7. Me too I vote for this one… Great shot.

  8. Awesome work Mark.

  9. it’s a yes from me Markie, now about your sharpening, I must talk to you tomorrow about it. Secret squirrel stuff!

    • It’s your sharpening mate in your actions for the web!!

      Looking fwd to the squirrel chat in any case!:)



  10. nice Mark.
    i too prefer this one to the previous. fantastic shot!

  11. Hi Mark,

    I really like the treatment you have given this one. I also like the previous one where you have the green regrowth. While this one is better balanced as an image the previous one tells a great story of destruction and regeneration.

  12. Great looking shot Mark… so what was the secret squirrel sharpening trick from CF… since most of us are using his CS action 🙂

    • Resize the image to 2200 pixels, filter sharpen sharpen , then redo and then resize to 900 pixels for the web.

      Let me know what you think Graham!



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