Mother’s Love, Perth Zoo’s Baby Orang-utan

I took my Grand Daughter to the Zoo today and was fortunate enough to see the new Baby Orang-utan playing with her mother. Even though there was a Nikon user hogging the prime spot..I managed to capture this precious moment…pretty happy with the outcome!

~ by True North Mark on December 3, 2009.

40 Responses to “Mother’s Love, Perth Zoo’s Baby Orang-utan”

  1. Got 2 words for ya Mark.
    APPA Gold

    Just gorgeous mate!

  2. Had to come back and say that you have really raised the bar with this one Mark!

  3. Great shot. I was at the zoo a couple of weeks back when the baby was just out on display and got the smallest of glimpses. That was a great one to get today! Well done…

  4. Wow, excellent. That first one takes the cake, in my view – well done Mark.

  5. Stunning Mark, great moments in time, I would be sending these to the Zoo for advertising, they might just well be very interested.
    Nothing wrong with asking the question!
    Did you shoot it though glass and with what lens?

    • Hi Adrian

      Already gone to the zoo with the first image mate…waiting on a reply!

      The Orangutan enclosure is open with a lake around it and therefore no glass or wire to shoot through.

      I used the trusty 28-300mm lense… fully zoomed, they were a little way away.

      Then a few tricks in Photoshop and presto!

  6. Great stuff Mark, The light in that first shot is stuff dreams are made of, excellent !!!

  7. Fantastic shot Mark! My wife was really impressed, as she was there with our little one a week or so a go. She thinks your photo’s are heaps better then those which appeared in the West Australian and wile back. Excellent job mate.

  8. after all these cuddles you’re throwing around i’m scared to say i love these images…. 😛

  9. Hey. Who was looking after your grand daughter whilst you were creating GOLD!!!!

    Hope you remembered to take her home with you.

  10. Reminds of the times me and Mike spent together on the boat Mark, very special.

    Awesome shotsr Mark, well done buddy ! !

  11. NO worries mate, it deserved it, an amazing photo ! ! congrats

    • Yeah, I am pretty happy with them mate and if you saw the originals you would be even more impressed..coz they certainly don’t grab you!



  12. late to the party as per usual I am …. couple of sweet images, love the lighting and slight god beam on the first one nice stuff. They should be selling these at the Zoo over this period …

    • Hey thanks Neal for all the comments mate!

      I have sent the top image to the Zoo for consideration.



  13. Nice work mate… although is it sibling? hahhaha that is my only criticism…

    Maybe the ‘Nikon’ hog was a blessing in disguise 🙂 typical of Nikon users

  14. That first capture is breathtakingly beautiful – I kept staring at it, half expecting them to move! You really portrayed the emotion there. Congrats on a real winner.

  15. Really well captured and processed mate! Two of your best yet 🙂


  16. Stunning shot and processing…the light on the little ones face is amazing. Really great work and such a sweet pose 🙂

  17. omg i want one he/she is too cute! i’ve always loved orangutans i had a teddy one when i was little, her name was emma & she came everywhere with me ❤

    • Hi Chloe,

      I just knew you would like those shots eh! He is a she by the way and they are looking for a name for her!



  18. Great shots Mark!

  19. very nice, thank’s 🙂

  20. Beautifully captured mate, don’t need to go now, ring side seat!!

  21. Gee Mark, now you are really pulling out all the stops, raising the bar etc.! Wauv. Perfect, just perfect light and capture especially the first one. A classic for sure!

    • Yep pretty happy that one Bo!

      You would be especially impressed if you saw the original!



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