Finally some underwater shots!





Bedwell Tranquility

So here are a few underwater shots. The viz has been amazing and in the region of 40m+ on most dives as the longer distance shots will show.

The Bedwell Tranquility shot was taken last night near the Bedwell Sunset shot.

Conditions are absolutely perfect up here now. About 30 degrees today and now only 5 knots of wind from the south.

We saw Baracuda toay, heaps of sharks and lots of giant clams.

~ by True North Mark on October 10, 2009.

21 Responses to “Finally some underwater shots!”

  1. Great stuff mark, there’s something about underwater shots.
    The bedwell image is really nice and just shows a seemingly baron area can look great with the right pov and a bit of colour and nice light.

    • Thanks Peter…yes indeed there is always a shot somewhere!

      In the Kimberley we found a lot of cool stuff jut by looking down!



  2. Looks reasonably deep there , how far to the bottom ?

  3. Mark, excellent shots – Love #3. Drizzle in Perth today, lucky bugger…

  4. Very interesting to see some underwater shots, they are always special and otherworldly and this looks incredible. Great pano as well, wish I was there 🙂

  5. Mark,
    Great shots mate…. I cant wait for PNG now….
    Talk to you soon

  6. Looks fantastic Mark – you are right about the vis. you guys had… sublime ! 🙂

  7. My favorite subject to video, “Giant Clams” Didn’t know they existed in the water too Tee Hee!!!. Is that Nitty going the deep dive? Just think what you could of done with my 5D and a water housing. Hey I’m not going down there……….

    Cool shots Mark and welcome back from the depths.

  8. yep it is the bikini shot for me mate, forget the rest. Pretty girl in a bikini wins everytime! Did you have other underwater shots? didn’t notice them!

    • The TN camera had some issues so the crew were using it to take fishing shots etc.

      Subsequently I have much more vid than I have stills!



  9. Ah! I really must get my act together and go diving again! Haven’t been in 10 years! Great shots Mark!
    Cheers Dave

  10. hiya mark, wow, did you finally get a case for the 1D, or is that the pocket rocket, cooz you have them tagged with the beast. Nice one, reminds me of the coral sea, on the Rum Runner, 40m trips then too. Cool. love it.

    • No Craig, tagged by mistake I would say! They were shot with a Canon G10 in a plastic housing.

      I am looking at maybe getting the new 7d with a housing. Christian is getting one to demo soon and will give me the heads up after he has used it.

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