Montgomery Reef Art

Mont Reef Art

Here is another one from the True North Heli over Montgomery Reef


~ by True North Mark on September 18, 2009.

10 Responses to “Montgomery Reef Art”

  1. Really nice Mark

    • Thanks Dave!

      I am sure you would be very familiar with the reef with all of your exploits up there eh!!



  2. Good to see Dave is now a real blogger.

  3. Hi Mark
    Unfortunately I haven’t been out to Mongomery. I really wanted to go out there when I up at Raft Point but my chopper pilot wasn’t too keen on flying across the water! I am insanely jealous of your pick of the reef that you posted when you were on your boat.

    Hey Merv I’m gonna be working on a blog this weekend. However that’s not to say it will be ready this weekend.

    Have a great weekend fellas.

    • Very good Dave,

      Well you know where to come if you do want to get the Montgomery with a Bell 407 on board!!

      Have a look at next years trip 1…we have some cabins available and it is also classed as a shoulder season…discounts apply.

      Have a good weekend mate!



  4. Fantastic image. Love the colours and texture. Would look great printed up big behind glass.

  5. like it Markie, nice subdued colours. That was one of the best heli flights for this sort of stuff I think.

    • Thanks mate!

      Yes I think that one is my fav and Lee wants a print for the wall … so that’s sayin somethin eh!



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