Memorial with City Views

OK troops…I need some input here…’torn between 2 lovers feeling like a fool’!!

I have 2 versions of the same image here. One cropped with the rule of thirds and one with the full size pano and the memorial in the middle.

The total shot was an 8 photo stitch and I like the detail in the larger shot, but I think the traditional rule of thirds shot works better.

By the way I was chatting to Christian on the phone whilst I was doing this stitch who was on his way home with a lurgy and about to take my wife’s Yak juice (liquid echinacea and Olive Leaf)!!! Hope your feeling better mate…only a few days to kick that lurgy’s butt!!! How’s that for multi tasking 🙂

Opinions please!!

Memorial Version 1

Memorial Version 2

~ by True North Mark on August 25, 2009.

20 Responses to “Memorial with City Views”

  1. To be honest, I like both equally. Version 1 looks fantastically sharp and looks well composed. Version 2 looks great, the tree works well in the frame because it provides some sort of balance.

    • Thanks for the feedback Graham. So I have a vote for either one so far…you are the first voter! I will post the final result tomorrow night. I lean towards the smaller version I think just because it seems to have more depth. It would be good to see them both full size which would be huge, but don’t want togo there just yet!!



  2. They’re both quite nice cityscapes but I think I would go for option 3 – that would be the first one with a bit more of the top cropped off! Possible even a bit more of the left side too. I like tight crops to heighten visual tension in the image.

    The 2nd one is a nice big view but too many things battle for my eyes attention making them wander (wandering eyes…I wander!). Simplicity almost always wins!

  3. Hi Mark I’d go for the top shot. A slightly stronger image than the second. I like the sky. A great sky makes for a great picture. People may copy your compositions but the sky with always belong to you! The second shot also works as you you never know what format or style a client may want.

  4. Very cool Mark,
    I believe the top one as well, just has a better composition.
    Maybe a vignette at the bottom on the grass to lift your eye up a bit.


    • Thanks for all the comments guys!

      I think the top composition is winning so far!



  5. Posts like these are good because it just goes to show that all our perceptions on what makes a great photo is different. I personally like the second photo as it present a wider view.


  6. Mary MacGregor hey…”Loving both of you is breaking all the rules”. Well, I love version 2 over version 1, just feels more balanced. However, both a great shots!

  7. Another vote for version two mate…….

    • Thanks PNG Rod!!!

      Well that’s the beauty of a demochratic society eh!! We are all allowed to have our own opinions and it would appear that the votes are quite evenly split at present!

      It will be good to see where we end up at the end of the day!

      For those who don’t know yet, Rod has now confirmed that he will be joining us on PNG trip 2 whilst I am on board so expect to see both of us posting from the True North mid November!!!


      True North Mark

  8. WOO HOO ! ! !

  9. Top more simple but I like the wide view. Maybe it’s the drugs talking!!!

    • Then I think it is about even stevens!!

      It just goes to show that sometimes the rule of thirds can be broken eh!!

  10. Probably the top one for me mate , although there’s not much in it.

    Remember the number one rule …. there are no rules, A good image is a good image.

  11. They both work for me. At the end of the day, you shot them, which is your favourite?
    By the way, where is Swift Bay?
    Looks like it could be somewhere around Yorke Sd or Hunter R.


    • Hi Tim,

      Down near the Hunter mate.

      And I am totally undecided about which one I like of the Memorial shots…maybe leaning towards the cropped version. Thanks for the comments.

      Did you hear the guy who was operating the Matrix went belly up today!!

      My ex partner at Image is the owner of the vessel and he sold the company to a guy who has been operating it on vendor finance for a year and he fell over today, so my ex partner is on the way up to Broome to bring his bat back home!



  12. awesome mate love it good perspective havent seen a shot of perth like that b4 so its very refreshing


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