And the result is…..happy days!!!

Yes, there were some pretty happy campers after that night on the beach and all that we had to take in!!
Happy Days

~ by True North Mark on July 29, 2009.

6 Responses to “And the result is…..happy days!!!”

  1. great action pic mate, love the colour and fun nature of the pic. I guess we will be throwing our hats next month hey!!

  2. Thanks Christian and yep we will for sure be doing some hat jumping in a few weeks!



  3. Nice pics Mark. Prince Freddy must surely be one the most picturesque parts of the Kimberley coast. Been there twice. Hey your pics of PNG are great. Love the way you show the place as being tropical and not just white sandy beaches. Nice work, makes me want to pack my bags and head further north!

    • Thanks Dave,

      Still some room on PNG and Louisiades this year if you are keen!!



  4. It was a great arvo but I didn’t get the opportunity to eat any mud crab and had 1 sip of a very nice cocktail. Sean (the presenter) on the other hand gorged himself silly. I’m coming back next time as the presenter. Ha Ha!!

    • Yes I think that should be the play for sure, but who will put together the kick butt video???

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