West Coast on True North

At the start of each season on or around the 1st of March, True North cruises from Fremantle to Dampier. We spend a few days at the Abrolhos Islands, then across to Steep Point, the Western most tip of WA, then up to Coral Bay and Ningaloo and then finally a few days at the Montes. The West Coast of WA is seriously under rated in my opinion as there is so much to see and do. The Abrolhos rates every bit as good as the Barrier Reef for diving and snorkeling.

The land based shots I tool with my Canon 1Ds Mk iii and the underwater images I took with a Canon G10 with the perspect housing you can buy for them. I was really impressed with this camera and the quality of the images for a non SLR camera.

True North Montebellos Islands


Turtle Bay

Manta Ray

Eagle Ray at Coral Bay

~ by True North Mark on July 27, 2009.

21 Responses to “West Coast on True North”

  1. HI Mark,

    Blog and photos look great. Thanks for the advice on the MAC.


  2. Nice pics mate but the spelling on the titles is terrible!

    Abrolhos Islands! Monte Bello (or Montebellos) Island’s


    • Thanks for the heads up Damo. This scenario reminds me a bit of the story of the bridge builder, Pier…… and the goat!

      Have you heard that one!

      I will amend…thanks!


  3. It doesn’t pay to make a mistake on this blogging caper Mark …someone will point it out. I’m not perfect myself and the dictionary gets a bit of a workout but I get a laugh and sometimes cringe at the spelling and grammar on some blogs.

    “No one remembers Pier building the bridge”…(:

    Mate 1400 odd hits in what…3 days your a legend already, shit here’s another hit !!!

  4. Thats alright, I had a lady this week tell me there are 8 spelling and grammar mistakes in my book, hehe, ah well we can’t be good at everything hey Mark!

  5. I saw the True North on Postcards last night, looks like a fabulous experience.

  6. Dam…I new it was on and forgot to even look!

    Was it a good show?

    I think it is a 2 part series. Did they elude to that?



    • I live in Victoria, so it may be a different series all together. It was one guy, feeding some massive catfish, getting mudcrabs and walked to king george waterfall.

      It was very enticing, especially the warmth, fishing and scenery.

      • OK cool.

        I will see if anyone else saw it around the country.



  7. Great images from the great coast of WA Mark, and that Eagle Ray is stunning! WA would have to be my favourite place in Australia, wide open untouched spaces!

    • Contact from the famous Flemming Bo Jensen!

      Thanks for visiting and glad you liked the Eagle Ray and the Kimberley shots.

      We do indeed get to some very special parts of the planet on True North. I have Kimberley trip 13 to do with Christian, the Rowley Shoals and PNG yet to do this year!

      So more images to come for sure.

      According to Merv you are a stickler for straight horizons so i am going to get in first…if any of my horizons look crooked, then it is an optical illusion OK!!!



      • Dunno about ‘famous’, infamous more like it!!!

        I have done the Gibb 3 times now and with a bit of luck will be part of guiding a photography tour up there next year with All Terrain 4WD Safaris. This will be 4WDs and swags though πŸ™‚

        I am well aware of the upside down horizon down under and have experienced the crooked horizon phenomena myself back in May so I will go very easy on you πŸ˜€

        Followed your blog from the beginning and like your work, was just a bit lazy (must be the aussie in me hehe!!) to start commenting. Well, here I am, watch those horizons!

      • I will watch them Flemming! I think I am going to call you Bo though…you look like a Bo to me!

        My son’s name is Beau!!



      • Bo is fine, use that myself sometimes. My native american name is either ‘The Man of Many Names’ or ‘He Who Drops Lens Caps’

      • Bo it is then!

        It seems that we share a few talents…I am also constantly losing lense caps!

        I m also guilty of doing dumb things like: forgetting to change the white balance or high ISO settings from a previous shoot etc. I am getting better, but I get so angry with myself when i do it!



  8. Ah ..great , another who does dumb things like me , welcome to the club Mark.

    I shot a heap of my Avon Decent pics on the wrong settings ( see my blog ) all happening quickly and me being a bit lazy and not paying attention. I had to do a bit of work on them to get a lot of them up to standard and they are not the type of shots I wanted to spend a lot of time on.

  9. Wow I jumped up the list a few, never seen that before, see it only happens to me…ha ha ha.

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