The Ghost of Fletch!

I found this image lurking in Lightroom when it opened it up. It is the reflection of Mike Fletcher in the heli window.

Kind of cool I think!

The Ghost of Fletch

~ by True North Mark on September 5, 2009.

4 Responses to “The Ghost of Fletch!”

  1. awesome pics mate love looking at them got some really amazing shots im so jealous haha keep the good stuff rollin


    • Thanks Phil,

      Yes it is certainly one of the best kept secrets on the planet up here.

      We had a cracker morning again and have a couple to upload again.



  2. I agree with Phill – you are an absolute legend for the time and effort you go to to share these images with us. I never tire from it!

    • Hi Ricardo…my favourite blog commenter!! A few more to come today…it was another awesome sunrise!



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