Perth City Thunderstorms

Flemming Bo Jensen and I skipped out last night to try a bit of storm chasing and totally failed the mission!

We opted to go down near the power house…nothing, then off to lake Belliar….we got some cloud but the background was cluttered with Cement works etc, so we packed up and went home discussing the philosophies of life!

On my return I saw the Thunderstorm developing over Perth and  pinged this off from my balcony!

Sometimes you just need to stay put and smell the roses eh!

I am still yet to get a decent lightning shot and it is certainly on my ‘to do list’!


~ by True North Mark on March 1, 2011.

16 Responses to “Perth City Thunderstorms”

  1. A lot of luck in being in the right place at the right time for lightning shots i rekon! I certainly fluke’d being at quindalup jetty when the lightning came in. Went down there and didn’t even expect lighting to be coming haha

    • You got that in one there Matty…and I am one unlucky son of a ….when it comes to such things! 🙂

      It will happen one day and I am thinking that day is coming soon on the Kimberley 1 mate!

      • I’m sure you will have no problem in the Kimberly at that time of year!!
        Can’t wait to get up there myself. one day soon!

      • I have spare cabins mate! 🙂

  2. And I reckon you’re a fair chance of getting it in a couple of weeks in the Kimberley mate!

  3. I only have two legs and its going to be hard to walk with only 1…haha nah..worth the coin for sure, just dont have the coin at the moment. When i finish the phd and am raking in the coin ill be a regular on there for sure!!
    Otherwise im happy to clean the shitters and sleep on the helipad?

  4. It definatly has something to do with knowing where to be I chased a few up in the Pilbara and got some not to bad shots I might have to go through and re-prosess some hehehe.
    Nice shot though Markie eh sometimes you never know what you have until you find it at home eh goes with a lot of things 😉

    • Looking fwd to your Pilbara versions Brett…indeed we will Flembot….It would be hard to get lightning without a remote release Andrea! Indeed Andrew!

  5. Yup. That’s certainly a lot better than the views we chased but failed to find at the powerhouse and lake. No place like home 🙂

    Soon, very soon we shall be storm chasing in style – on board True North or one of the tenders heading up the mighty Kimberley coast. Oh I hope we get some amazing weather systems on display on our adventure.

    David, Phase One ready for action hopefully?

  6. NIIIiiiCE Mark,

    I went to Deep Water Point because I knew the clouds would be in a good place and got some nice shots.

    Decided to try the lightning and totally sucked. I think I need to read up on it a bit more to get it right. Plus my shutter release cable decided to die so that doesn’t help when your trying to use bulb. Never Mind.

  7. Nice effort Mark, don’t always have to travel far…..particularly if you’ve got a view like that!

  8. Lightning…….one of my favourite subjects!!!

  9. not a bad result considering it’s from home mate. You’d be in with a shot of getting something cracking storm/lightning wise in a couple of weeks time I reckon 🙂

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