Winners of the True North/Team Digital Australia Day Photo Comp

….and the winners are!

1) Number 10 Rottawater By Phil Black ( Epson R-1900 printer)
2) Number 2 Arty Rough Water by Brett Morgan ( F-Stop Bag )
3) Number 7 Rotto B&W By Adrian Wayte ( Fitzgerald 14 x 50” Acrylic mount print )

Well done to all the entrants. There were some very clever submissions considering the challenging conditions.

Thanks very much to all of our sponsors which were, Team Digital, Rod Thomas with his F stop bags and Fitzgeralds for their Acrylic mount print.

Thanks also to the presenters on the Day, Christian and Mike Fletcher, Tony Hewitt and Nick Reigns.

Stay tuned for next year and we will try to sort our selves out earlier next year!


~ by True North Mark on February 27, 2011.

13 Responses to “Winners of the True North/Team Digital Australia Day Photo Comp”

  1. Sweeeeeeet well done to Phil Black for winning and Adrian Wayte for coming in Third there was some out standing images that came out considering what we had to work with but goes to show that there is always an image out there eh.
    I would like to dedicate this second place to Tony Hewitt he gave me some monster inspiration for the image that I got second with and it was my first effort with using textures.
    I would also like to put a huge thank you out there to Mark for the awesome day mate that Boat is unreal I cant wait to get on it again in the future, Nick Rains for some way cool techniques ( Max Sharpening) ;), Rod Thomas for the F Stop bag mate I will take it everywhere I go and it can be my new bin in the images eh 😉 and can’t forget Christian you have been an inspiration for a long time and if I had of put up the image of the Bins I would of won I think hahahaha ;).
    Congrats to all the other entries into the top ten I know I was pretty damn chuffed to get into it so good work to you all.

  2. Well done lads!

  3. Great day out and excellent presenters. Im sure every one came away with more knowledge and inspiration. I know I did and this is certainly just the icing on the cake. Top ten was more than winning any prize so again thanks to Mark and his TN team and the presenters. Congrats to Philbo and Brett, Over & out !

  4. Yay! Well done Phil. And also congrats to Brett and Adrian. Three very fine images amongst a tough top ten!

  5. Phil, Brett and Adrian. Great to see my favourites get first second and third. Well done boys and thanks everyone for submitting the photos.

  6. well for a start you miss spelled my name hahaha cheers mark its back not black its ok i forgive you hahahha i would like to thank Christian, Nick, Tony, Mike AKA “the video guy” and of coarse markie and all the true north crew Christian has been an inspiration to me for the last 6 years and tony for the last 3 years these blokes give there time an knowledge where most wouldn’t and lets not forget Nick and Mike, Nick with his photoshop skills blows me away every time i hear him speak and with Mike to make movies of the landscapes we try and capture gives me inspiration to try something different the shot rotto water was taken on the pentax 645d that team digital brought on board and i must say that camera blew me away i dont no if these guys hire it out but if you get the chance to shoot with one take it.

    thankyou to all who voted thses shots were all awesome and to be chosen to be in the top ten well i was happier than a kid in a candy shop id also like to say well done to Brett and Adrian you guys had killer images im glad to be in the mix with you guys

    cheers enough of my rambling


  7. Did’t win, but getting two of my images in the top ten was very rewarding. Congrats to the winners and I wish you all continued success.

  8. Brett,

    Bags are out of stock mate and youll have to wait approx 6 months……. especially for the pink one with gold zippers you asked for…. hehe 🙂

    In all seriousness, glad I could be part of the day and help out in some way. All finalists images were pretty sweet and congrats to the winners.

    I am not sure where you are based, on the east or west, if your west talk to Ben and Ill work it out with him later, or if your on the east, give me a call on 0417 677966 and Ill organise the bag for you mate….

    Congrats again Guys

    Fstop Australia

  9. Congrats to the winners, job well done guys!

  10. Good on you guys!!

  11. Congratulations to the winners, all very well done.

    I am very chuffed at having one of my pics make the top ten, especially considering the number of professionals on board and the fact that my image was not photoshoped at all. I feel like the real winner.

    Thanks again for a great day.

    CU next year.

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