True North Mark Website is now live!

Hello everyone!

Thanks to the tireless efforts of the Flembot, Mr. Flemming Bo Jensen, is now live!

Thanks heaps Bomont…you are a legend my friend!


~ by True North Mark on February 24, 2011.

34 Responses to “True North Mark Website is now live!”

  1. Congratulations Mark – the website looks great. Looking forward to trawling through it and having a good look.

    • Thanks for being the first to comment Muzz!

      A big cuddle coming your way in the future for that one mate!

  2. Looks good, bloody good in fact.

    Good luck with it.



    • Bring on the adventure Flembot…you have earned it mate! I heard that Kuri Bay had 1400mm of rain in January alone which is a W record for the most rain in one month ever!

      Thanks for all the positive feedback everyone…I look fwd to seeing you all at the gallery tomorrow night!

  3. – so happy we got it up and alive now mate and that you are thrilled with the result. It will be the beginning of a new era for you!

    Lots of work went into this, I am so happy to see it launched and that people like it.

    And you’re welcome my dear friend, glad to be of use and of help – and can’t wait for our Kimberley adventure.

  4. Very nice work Mark. Congratulations!
    I hope the exhibition is a huge success

  5. Great work Flemming! Looks great 🙂

  6. Nice one Mark and Flemming! Site looks sweet and looks like your exhibition will be great on Friday! going to miss it unfortunately as i will be down south. Good luck though mate and will definitely come check it out before it finishes!!

  7. Looks fantastic….great job, both of you!

  8. The goods Mark and Flem!

  9. looks pretty good mate, congratulations to you and Flemming for a job well done!

  10. Well done Markie, and Bojangles, looking forward to the exhibition. Stella job.

  11. Fantastic Mark. Congratulations and I wish you every success.

  12. Cangrats on the site Mark, best of luck with it!

  13. Looking good Mr Stothard …. Nice touch with the PDF statement …

  14. Looks great well done to you both and good luck with your first exhibition.

  15. great web site,looks very professional
    hope it goes well the photos are fantastic

  16. Fantastic guys ! I hope that opening night was just as brilliant !

    tone 🙂

  17. Hi Mark, you don’t know me, but I have been following your blog for awhile.

    Just like to say well done with your fantastic website, awesome images!

    Best of luck for your expo!!

    Good job Flemming… nothing less!

  18. Such a great night mate! We stopped in for a little while, mate your work looks so awesome in print! I’m a bit jealous, you’ve nailed some shots in locations that I’ve been working on for ages! haha.. Was good to see Flemming and Christian there, didn’t get to say hello to you this time unfortunately though.

    Awesome work, you’ve definitely inspired me to lift my game 🙂

    – paul

  19. hHey Marky Mark.
    Great effort in putting last night together. I hope Im doing an exhibition after shooting seriously for 3 yrs. another year to go and I might just have one.
    Some great images from both you boys
    Congrats cheers Skye & Adrian

  20. Very Nice website Mark, very nice indeed, i had a good look through and a good read, you’ve certainly had a full and interesting life! congrats to you and to Flemming for creating the site, also, congrats on the exhibition opening last night, it was a great show with some great images.

    • Thanks again for the feedback Adam…I work on the philosophy that it is not a rehearsal!



  21. Great site Mark, the clean un-cluttered look really lets your images shine. Great turn out for the exhibit last night too, congratulations.

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