Tranquil Cove at the Rottnest Basin





There was gold around every corner at Rottnest Island this weekend.

As the storm was looming, we had cool clouds on the horizon, beautiful colours in the water and everyone was out enjoying what Rottnest at its best.

The sorry part is that many of the regulars were turned off by the forecast which turned out to be somewhat off the mark!

Shot with a 10 stop ND, 50mm 12 prime L series, 8 shot stitched and focus stacked!



~ by True North Mark on February 21, 2011.

17 Responses to “Tranquil Cove at the Rottnest Basin”

  1. Nice shot mate. I love the graffiti on the rock, it adds the ‘human element’. I wonder where Michael and Jenny are now?


  2. I’d have to disagree Jamie, even though it’s a human habit as old as our short time, people carvin names into trees and rocks should be keel hauled!

    Nice one mate from a great day. It’s great that the pano is open to the left, going into infinity. 4 posts in one night, poor Tony is sweating now πŸ™‚

    • I thought I would show another way how we humans love to deface beauty!

      We caught some crew doing this on these exact rocks one day and told them to stop.

      The response was…everyone else does it, as they carried on.

      We then called the Ranger!



    • Oh and game on for Toneman eh!



  3. Its interesting though. In 100yrs time archaeologists will be all over that graffiti and using it as an example of how people expressed their feelings in the ‘dark’ ages.

  4. Yea mate nice shot and I too wish the graffiti was there! A few years ago I was watching a Malcolm Douglass film and he was disgusted at some graffiti up at King George Falls!

  5. A lot of work into this one mate… the water looks awesome ! WHo needs a phase ? ;P

    Too cold over here to sweat Flem, the weather is like May atm – grrr ! πŸ™‚

  6. You’re probably right Jamie!

    Yes I have seen that grafiti Dave…the mongrels can even get that far away eh!

  7. Thanks Toneman! I am sure the Phase would get more detail, but how much do you need?

  8. I missed this one … damn … I think its the pick of the current rotto bunch

  9. Hey Mark,

    Another beauty, I think I need to stop saying the same thing, one day I’m just going to have to say a shot it total crap just so you guys don’t get too big a heads. πŸ™‚

    Why do I get emails for some of the postings and not the others? I got it for the other Rotto shot but not this one and the other underwater ones?

    Why did you use the ND 10 stop with this shot, or do you use it with alot of your Rotto ones and you just haven’t put it when you did the description.

    What brand filters do you use? I need to get some new ones, I was going to get Lee ones but thought I’d ask what everyone else uses.

    • Hi Andrea You should get emails about all posts.

      I don’t use the nd that often…mainly when it’s windy.

      I use B&H nd’s and have just bought a Lee big stopper.



  10. Hey Marky Mark so it that so you can use a longer shutter speed to make the water smoother. So you don’t get all of the choppiness from the wind?

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