Stingray Cruiser!

Here is one of the larger versions of the local Stingrays that cruise between Jordie Bay and Longreach. This is actually quite a small fella, at only 4-5 ft across his wings, but I have a nemesis out off Longreach who cruises around the outer waters between Jordie and Longreach.

One day he had me bailed up for 15 minutes whilst I was sword fighting him with my loop whilst he was trying to stick me with his barbs…he wanted my crays!

I met him again on the weekend but he wasn’t quite as agressive, but he did bump me twice, so I found a cave and swam in there until he left.

As it turns out that is the very spot where I found the 2 big crays I posted on the weekend.

The Stingray I am talking about would be almost twice the size of this fellow and is quite daunting when he thinks you are in his territory!

But, on a positive side when these guys are cruising they look awesome as this fellow was. Their wings just roll ever so easily and they glide through the water without any deflection of their body…very graceful!


~ by True North Mark on February 21, 2011.

8 Responses to “Stingray Cruiser!”

  1. They sure do love crays aha!
    You and the flembot up sitting next to each other editing photos again haha! 🙂

  2. Wasn’t that an incredible stingray, although just a small fellow compared to your mate he still very much impressed me, biggest I have ever seen. Quite awe-inspiring to swim right above this fantastic creation. Like a spaceship it glides through water so graceful.

    This is why we almost missed the sunset, we had so much fun snorkeling with these stingrays right under the Polaris. Awesome day 😀

  3. amazing creatures, it is fantastic to watch them…Like the rays of light in this one..
    Good to see Flemming enjoy diving..its a wonderful world down there.

    • Thanks Peta…I know you are a veteran of the Abyss as well, so you know full well the wonders down there…we have a convert for sure in the Flembot!

  4. Very elegant shot Mark, with the light rays streaming down from above it really gives the feeling gracefully and effortlessly gliding along.

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