Shag Rock Long Reach Bay, Rottnest Island








This is one of the underwater images I shot on the weekend thanks to Jamie Paterson lending me his UW camera again for the second weekend.

Thanks Jamie, we had another lot of fun sessions with it for sure!


I was

~ by True North Mark on February 21, 2011.

5 Responses to “Shag Rock Long Reach Bay, Rottnest Island”

  1. looks wet! Not my idea of fun but I believe you have a scuba buddy in scubaflem now. I guess he is used to the cold. Don’t Danes club whales to death in freezing cold water for fun?

    • Something like that but the Flembot did very well considering he couldn’t swim 2 years ago!

      He is hooked now but!

  2. No problems mate. At least you are making use of it. Its sat on the shelf for about 5mths.


  3. Nice image Mark, i love the upward reflections. Even if it is wet

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