A days end at Pinkies Beach Rottnest Island






It is easy to get distracted sometimes, is it not!

Flembot and I were busy preparing to cook the days catch of Crayfish, all the time thinking we had plenty of time for a sunset shoot and then I looked up and the sun was not far from the horizon at all!

That lead to a mad scramble to the tender and a dash to Pinkies Beach.

With 12 kilos of camera kit and tripod etc, that takes it out of you somewhat!

We managed to get there just in time for the after glow and it was pretty awesome with the clouds generated by the current cyclone coming down the coast.

This is an 8 image stitch shot with my L series 50m prime and manually stitched in Photo Shop…took a bit of doing as well!

I like the way that this image shows off a typical days end at Rottnest with people enjoying the surroundings in so many different ways.

There are those fishing on Bathurst Point, others shooting the sunset from the lighthouse. Others are having a few drinks on the beach and there is even one swimming…all in a days fun!

~ by True North Mark on February 20, 2011.

21 Responses to “A days end at Pinkies Beach Rottnest Island”

  1. i was shooting too! bloody ripper wasnt it!
    It looks like in three places at the top of frame you have masked off from a lightening layer as those three spots look like dark blotches….
    correct me if im wrong! 🙂

    • Hi Dylan

      It is more like where I was fixing some dust spots as my healing brush is playing up.

      Thanks for pointing it out as I was getting a bit weary at the close of this image!



  2. Very very nice dude!

  3. Very nice mate spewing I didn’t get any of those clouds last night great capture eh.

    • Thanks Dave and Brett…yep it worked out ok eh…and no probs Dylan…your eyes are way younger than mine mate!



  4. Beautiful shot Mark, the colours are gorgeous.

    It was a great sunset yesterday.

    Can I ask Mark, how do you put the grey shadow on the edge of your photo’s? I’ve been trying to figure it out and I can’t and I know it’s probably something really simple.

    I’m getting some of my shots ready to post on my blog and I want them to be presented nicely and I like how this looks.

    Thanks Mark

    • Hi Andrea,

      Yes it is simple and there are a few ways to do it.

      If I am going to put an image on the web, I resize it to 900 pixels wide and that normally means it is 600 pixels high for a single shot and at 72 DPI.

      I then create a new file at 72 DPI and 1000 pixels wide x 700 pixels high and then drag the image onto that blank white new file.

      Right click on the layer that has the image in it and then click on blending options. The drop shadow option is on the top right left hand corner.

      You can experiment with the size of the shadow and the orientation in that menu as well once you click on it.

      To centre the file, hit v for the move tool and then select all layers and on the menu bar above there is an icon that means centre and then you have a perfectly aligned image with a shadow!

      Hope this helps!

      I have just learned a new way to do it, but it is a bit more complicated to describe via email!

      • Hey Mark,
        Yeh for me, I’m not as unco as I thought. I did the drop shadow and frame and it looks great, the only thing I can’t do is figure out which icon means to centre it when you click on v. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, none of the icons can be clicked on. Any thoughts?
        Thanks Andrea

      • Hi Andrea,

        Clicking on ‘V’ is the shortcut to the move tool.

        When you select that the centre, left and right justified icons at the top you can align all layers.

        For it to work you need to select all layers by clicking on the background. Hold the shift key down and then click on the top layer and that will select all.

        The alignment icons will work then.



      • Ok I take back the”I’m not unco”and will now put just a total knob who can’t read properly, I forgot to press shift, no hang I remember I did select all layers, I think I’ll compromise somewhere in the middle. I went through select then all layers not shift, that’s where I went wrong.
        I got’ve it now, ok for the millionth time THANKS Mark.

      • Sweet Treasure…glad to be of assistance!



      • Hi again Mark,

        I just feel the need to say that your just a gorgeous man and I am blown away by your generosity and willingness to help me. You have given me your time and knowledge and you don’t even really know me and I think that you deserve to be told just how lovely you are.
        I am so chuffed to be meeting all of you guys, it is a rare thing these days to find such a nice, helpful bunch of people. I’m really looking forward to getting to know you and the test of the crew better.

        Big hugs Andrea

      • That is the beauty of the blogging community Andrea…they are a cool bunch of crew from all walks of life and we share the same passion and interest.

        Stay tuned for more adventures!

  5. Thanks so much Mark, I’m gonna give that a go. If I get stuck I’ll be calling for you lol.

  6. Mark you are such a champ, thank you so much I appreciate your willingness to help me out. I’m going to have a play around now so I will be sure to take you up on your offer to call if I get stuck.

    Thanks again

  7. We’ve been swimming all day but decided to add a sprint at the end of the day as well – just made that sunset in time! I have one from the sunset as well on my blog now.

    Nice pano here mate! I might be tempted to try chopping a bit off the left, that rock is large and dark and attracts my eye.

    We stayed around to capture the gorgeous full moon rising too (good thing Markie brought the mossie repellant as they were out enjoying the sunset as well)

  8. Looks like a good job with the stitch Markie ‘crayfish hands’ – looks like a great way to end a day mate. All the activities you mention are part of what I love about living on the coast and this image helps sum that up – simple pleasures of life and nature.


    • You got that right Toneman!

      Photography definitely teaches you how to enjoy the simple things eh!

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