100,000 Hits just about to clock over!








Not a bad way to celebrate 100,000 hits on my blog since July 2009.

Since then I have done:

718 posts

…and had 7,861 comments!

I am at Rottnest Island at present with my wife, daughter, a couple of her friends and the Flembot.

The day started with an awesome dive and managed to scruff a hold of these 2 monsters, that will be on the menu tonight!

That was followed by an awesome shoot with the Flembot with some great clouds and conditions developing with the Thunderstorms that are due tomorrow….stay tuned for those shots!

Thanks heaps to all of my loyal blogging community. I am somewhat humbled that I have the following I do and I promise to keep up the work to make the blog interesting to follow!

Onwards to 200,000!

~ by True North Mark on February 19, 2011.

33 Responses to “100,000 Hits just about to clock over!”

  1. Those crays are kakers by the look of it, the old camera up close trick !! :).

    • I am telling yer son that I could only fit those 2 and 3 others and the bag was full!

      There was a 3m stingray who was very keen on what was in the bag as well and I had to fight him for about 10 minutes before I got back to the boat…jeeze I hate big stingrays!

  2. Glad to hear Mark that you will gently place those 2 lovely cray’s back into the waters off Rotto where they belong
    Via taste buds of course !!!
    Happy 100,000th Mark
    Cheers Greg

    • Thanks Greg…great to here from you all the way from Cocos Islands mate!

      I am just about to cook them up actually!

  3. Hey mate awesome work indeed I need to get my ass out to rotto and get me some of those crays too haven’t had any for years I even got me licence this year then the old boy sold his boat lol.
    Your blog has opened up many minds and given many minds including mine some great inspiration Mark so thank you along the way to eh πŸ™‚

  4. Nice work Markie!!

  5. Congratulations mate on the 100 thousand hits and for the 2 big crays!
    Keep having fun over at Rotto


    • That was 2 of 5 Dave and they were great!

      Thanks for all the positive feedback mate.

      Thanks also to Matty as you are very much a regular as well mate!

  6. hey mate
    well done on the 100,000 hits bud many more adventures to come i bet

    cheers philbo

  7. Congrats on the 100,000 mate, well done, you’ll hit the next 100,000 in no time on the new site!

    Those monster crayfish were very tasty, great meal after a day of pure gold all day long!

    • Indeed mate…he says as he is sitting next to him! πŸ™‚ Cool sunset with the full moon eh…got some gold fever over here troops!

  8. Congratulations on the 100K Mark – a prodigious effort indeed!

  9. Well Mr TN
    Well your sitting there with you crays I’m sitting here at tims thicket with some serious clouds, full moon and 6 nice fat tailor in the esky
    Enjoy and congrats I’m just about to clock over 40 k with blog hits so when that happens you can invite me to rotto ha!!!!!

  10. Well done Mark … You have really worked very hard with consistency to reach this milestone …. Onwards and upwards … Firing up one of your cray recipes for these puppies … sweet …

  11. Well done mate! I think at the present rate I should get to 100,000 by the early part of next century! πŸ™‚

  12. Congratulations Mark – they are amazing numbers and a couple of great looking crays to boot !

  13. Congrats Mark, awesome effort. Look forward to contributing to your next 100,000 as well.

  14. Well done on the 100k! You’re a machine Your blog always provides

  15. Well done on the first 100,000 hits Mark.I am expecting you to do a presentation next year at Light Fantastic ,titled” Adventure Photography “…or similar! Peter.

    • Thanks Peter,

      Interesting concept!

      I am afraid I do not know what or where Light Fantastic is?

      Perhaps you can let me know a bit more about it.

      I would be happy to do a presentation if somebody wanted me to!



  16. well done big buddy, on the hits and the crays. Not fair though pointing them at the wide angle lens makes anything look bigger. These are probably undersized haha! Still they look tasty, yummy!

    • Mate they were big enough all right…my bag was full to the brim with these 2 and 4 others…we ate like Kings that night!

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