Stingray moves!







Here is another image from Parker Point today.

I kinda like this one as it shows how the wings flow from one side to other which gives the drive.

~ by True North Mark on February 13, 2011.

9 Responses to “Stingray moves!”

  1. Love it! It’s a massive spaceship is what it is That’s the best one, I should like to do a composite version of this and me diving, except the ray will be 10 times my size in the final version 🙂

  2. Cool – the candid angle of the3 shot adds to it dark and mysterious nature.
    well done Mark !

    • Thanks Tone…yep I am going to keep working on that image as I think it has some legs for their logo etc!

  3. Thats a ripper mark. I like the angle with the sandy bottom no square but the ray is, makes the image for me … I’d love to have a go at the raw file 😉

    • I’m not finished with it yet mate and would appreciate your input actually.

      Would you be interested in coming over this week and we will see what we can do with it together?

      I see this as a potential new logo for the guy I am doing all this for, so the better we can make it the happier he will be!

  4. sure no problem mark …. I fingers crossed have to be in east perth on Thursday or friday so thats half way there …

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