Flembot doing his first Scuba Dive











I too the Flembot, AKA Mr. Bo Jangles, Bomontaruny and Bo Scuba diving today for the first time!

Not bad fora guy who couldn’t swim 2 years ago eh!

He took to it very well and I am sure he will carry on with it and get rated. Another world for the nomad traveller to explore!

~ by True North Mark on February 13, 2011.

12 Responses to “Flembot doing his first Scuba Dive”

  1. Bet you had too weight him up. 🙂 🙂

  2. Awesome!!!!! Actually I believe my first words out of the water were “f….cking awesome!!!!”. That was amaaazing, thanks so much mate! Here’s my words and images from today: http://www.flemmingbojensen.com/blog/2011/02/13/scuba-diving-and-abyss-exploring/

  3. He’s back – blogging like a maniac again !

    Great to see the Flembot getting amongst it too – it’s an amazing and endless world below isn’t it mate 🙂

    • Couldn’t have you taking all the glory Tone!

      I gave you a bit of grace to get upto speed…now its game on son!

  4. Is that a stinger behind you Flemmo?????

  5. Hey Mark, these shots are great. I love the one on Flemmings blog, I think he would be very pleased to have that.

    • Indeed Peter…nothing like having a half reasonable photo of a life changing event eh!



      • they’re not just half reasonable, the ones you shot of me scuba and snorkeling are awesome, I love them! Such good timing you had the 5D so I have such great photos of such a monumental day, woohoo!!! I think I still have bubbles in my brain, still a bit high 🙂

      • Glad to be the instigator of your big day mate!



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