The launch of True North Mark website and exhibition!

I have some exciting news!

The reason why I have been a bit quiet lately is I have been getting ready for the launch of True North Mark at my up and coming exhibition on the weekend of the 26th of February.

Jamie Paterson has kindly invited me to join him with his exhibition and we want to invite all of the people who follow our blogs to join us on Saturday evening at 1700 hrs at the Kidogo Art House in Fremantle, where we will both be showcasing about 30 images each.

The Kidogo Art House is situated just south of the Round House on the beach in Fremantle. So if you get to the Round house and follow the path South it will go straight to the Kidogo Art House.

I will be showcasing images from the Kimberley, the Rowley Shoals, PNG, Tasmania, our South West, Trinidad and of course Perth.

We will have some drinks and nibbles on the night and Christian will be saying a few words at about 1730 hrs.

On the evening it will also be the launch date of my new website which will be located at, so it will be a very exciting evening for me for sure!

Flemming Bo Jensen has been working tirelessly assisting me with the design layout and loading up all of the images as well…not to mention the fact that he has also helped me print all of the shots for the show as well, so a very big thank you to Flemming..AKA Flembot!

Christian came over the other day as well and helped me get the printer set up just right so a big thanks for that mate as well as volunteering for opening the show. I will have many more things to say on the thank you side on the evening for sure!

Hope to see you all there, Saturday the 26th of February at Kidogo Arthouse in Fremantle.

~ by True North Mark on February 9, 2011.

31 Responses to “The launch of True North Mark website and exhibition!”

  1. ill be there mate for sure

    • Look fwd to seeing you there Philbo!

      I think we had best turn up there Jamie!

      Thanks Brett and I hope to see you there on the night!

      Oh come on Tim…its not that far! πŸ™‚

      See you on the morrow Matty!

      Hope to see you there Cleggy and let me tell you that print is awesome on paper eh!

  2. Sounds like this might be a really cool event to turn up to Mark!

  3. I should be still around till the first week in March which means I will be there too mate congrats on the launch Mark up up and away from here on in eh πŸ™‚

  4. Sounds like a great evening! Sorry I can’t make it but all the best!

  5. Ill be there!! was just wondering today where you might be as its been a bit quite on your blog! see you tomorrow no doubt at the pilbara exhibition?

  6. This sounds like it will be a great night Mr Stothard! hopefully I will be in town for it.
    Great pic by the way.

  7. Good luck with it Mark and Jamie, I’d love to be there but the planets are not aligned at present

  8. Very happy to help and assist, my dear friend!

    The prints and the website are both looking awesome so hope to see a lot of people there, you cannot miss this as it promises to be very exciting and spectacular!

  9. Sweet image up top there Mark … Firstly congrats on both, been a long time overdue on both I look forward to seeing your website and checking out your exhibit … Is it running for a few days, week or month etc?

    • Thanks Neal,

      It is guys like yourself who motivate me to aspire to be better and go harder so thanks for the inspiration mate!

      The exhibition will be open for a few days from Saturday till Tuesday night I think mate.

      I’ll check with Jamie and let you know tonight.

      And Tone man….its not that far son….come and play with the Sand gropers mate!

      • Cheers Mark thats very nice to say … But in reality I am just passing it on from the photographers that inspire me that I mention from time to time on my blog …

  10. Unfortunately I won’t make the exhibition guys – it would be awesome to see and catch up. But I can’t wait for the website Mark !

    best of luck πŸ™‚

  11. Will be there for sure! Look forward to it.

  12. Hi Mark.Clive Addison kindly drew my attention to your excellent site and forthcoming exhibition which I WILL see but unfortunately will be away on opening night.
    Do add my details to your regular postings-I love your images which are inspiring and made more meaningful by my recent run to Rotto on True North.Best wishes for the opening……….Peter Randell.

    • Thanks very much Peter,

      The show will be open for a few days so you might get a chance to view it. I think we pull it down on the Tuesday evening.

      If you subscribe to my blog that is the easiest way for you to stay abreast of what I am up to.


      True North Mark!

  13. See you there, i look forward to it!

  14. At last the big step. Well done fellas hope all go’s well and I will do my best to get there and check it out .

  15. doing the Γ©xhibition rounds at the moment πŸ™‚ so will be there for sure!

  16. Congrats…will try and get there for sure..

  17. I’ll be heading down to say hello and to check out the exhibition πŸ™‚

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