More images from the Busselton Jetty Fireworks

























































Some more images from the Busselton Jetty Fireworks show…hope you like them!

~ by True North Mark on February 5, 2011.

30 Responses to “More images from the Busselton Jetty Fireworks”

  1. They all look the same. 🙂

    Hope Mike got a video.

  2. Cool work Markie, nice exposures.

    • Thanks for the positive feedback Thomas and Sandy….and yes Ian it was certainly worth restoring I say!

      When are you going to start a blog Ian?



  3. Very cool…congrats on getting a ‘different’ shot of the jetty.

  4. Sweet shots and nice presentation with the semi timeline of shots … Loots like it was not too windy down there ? It was blowing a gale up north ….

  5. Stars where out nice and bright, just a ton of that really fine sand in the air so there was a haze about the place plus with that strong a wind I was never going to keep the tripod steady for a decent long exposure … I tried but I am pretty sure failed, but good prep for next time … Not beaten, just stirred 🙂

  6. Very nice. Great to see a shot of fireworks that also shows part of the landscape. Tells the story eh? And I don’t reckon they are all the same. Each is unique and hard to pick a favourite.

  7. Yes indeed Mark awesome set of images for sure love fire works images eh.

  8. Looks like you have a shot for all tastes in fireworks with this collection Mark, Great exposures as well.

    • Thanks Pete…yep the exposures worked pretty well at F 13, 100 iso and just using bulb to hold the shutter open for a few seconds.



  9. well done Markie, I was lying in bed when these puppies were going off. I was thinking Markie will be there smashing it!

  10. Great series Mark.

  11. Very nice series Mark, I am so glad they saved it.

  12. Fabulous pictures … I wish! You have a fantastic site Mark, I’ve enjoyed browsing around … stunning photography. Keep up the great work. Would you be interested in a reciprocal link?

    • I have linked you up Joanna! Thanks for the positive feedback and I look fwd to seeing my link on your site soon!

  13. nice set Markie – I think images 5 and 7 are the pick for me 🙂

  14. Great stuff Mark – too many good ones but I think the 3rd or 4th have a great balance. Nice one mate

  15. Noice mate. It was a great show and we had to battle that bloody wind to get the shots but looks like you didn’t have too much of a problem.

    I have just got back from the Big Day Out and was treated to a firework spectacular by German Metal band Rammstein. They had flame throwers as well. You should of been there with me mate since your now a legendary fireworks shooter.

    And yes Merv I did get it on video:)

    • Thanks Mikie Mike…looking fed to the vid and time lapse little buddy!

      I am sure it will rock!



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