Busselton Jetty Fireworks

I went down to Busselton this evening with Mikie Mike Fletcher to see the opening of the refurbished Busselton Jetty.

The refurbishment has taken 25 years as it was seriously damaged by Cyclone Alby and then a few years later fire also took out another part of the jetty.

Apparently there was a lot of debate as to if the jetty should have been saved, but a strong group of locals lobbied the Governments and the Council and managed to raise the $25,000,000 needed to get it back up to scratch.

The Busselton jetty is 1.82 km long and is the largest jetty in the Southern Hemisphere and now it will stand proud for many years so that locals and tourist alike can enjoy the many different activities available on and around the jetty.

The opening night was celebrated with a fireworks display and this is teh first of the images I took this evening.

~ by True North Mark on February 5, 2011.

16 Responses to “Busselton Jetty Fireworks”

  1. Pity it couldn’t have been restored to it original size which was a little longer and rebuild the piece straight out from beach. Thank goodness a group took up the fight to save it as it will probably be heritage listed and be there forever instead of lost forever. I had a lot of fun there as a kid on holidays.

    • Yep, I agree that was one cause worth fighting for!



    • Merv

      There is a sign up at the end which says that a 90 metre extension to the (current) end will be built in 2011. That should take it pretty close to its original size. I cant see them ever rebuilding the bit that came straight out from the beach though, and as the jetty is no longer a working jetty with trains running out (real trains – not that tourist thing!) I doubt there is the need for it nowadays.

      Ian Wiese

      • Ian , thats good that they will restore the end of the jetty. Still a shame that the original piece straight out couldn’t be rebuilt , that was the hub of all the activity. I can remember going out to the end and watching them load timber off the trains onto the ships when I was a little tacker.

      • Showing your age there Mervy boy!



  2. That’s a classical jetty shot – a great shot for a tourist brochure! Great take.

    It is great to see the jetty restored again. The turning point in the fight for restoration was when a local lad became WA Treasurer, and suddenly the money was available. Now if only they can restore the fishing and crabbing to what it used to be!


  3. Picture perfect postcard stock image, you nailed it mate, the Busselton tourism centre should be all over this wanting to buy it!

  4. Hate to disappoint you Sandgropers but Lucinda jetty in NQ is longer by a long shot.
    Great images though Mark,look really good!

    • Thanks Tim…sounds like Troy Buzwell needs to kick his researchers in the butt, as I was only repeating what he said in his speech when he replayed the jetty!



      • Everything’s bigger in WA isn’t it?? What were the exposure settings for those shots Mark?


      • Hey Tim

        There were a few different exposures.

        One fir the jetty lights at f8 and 100 iso, 2 minute exposure, one at f4.5 for the sky at 800 iso and 30 seconds and then the fireworks were f13 at 100 iso and only a few seconds.

        I blended the 2 background shots together and then dropped in the various fireworks shots.



    • Sorry Tim but Troy and Mark are right to a point. Busselton Jetty is the longest TIMBER jetty in the southern hemisphere and thats it’s claim to fame.

      The Lucinda Jetty is steel and concrete.



      • Thanks for the input Merv and Ian and for dropping by Peta!



      • Before it fell to pieces, it was a completely timber jetty, and it was claimed to be the longest timber jetty in the southern hemisphere. I am sure Troy learnt that at school in Busselton – I did. Now it has mostly concrete and steel in the deck structure, but I guess the piles are all timber – and most of the railings. If that makes it a timber jetty, then I guess it can still make that claim.


  5. I guess you win on the fact that it is timber! Lucinda jetty is 6km long, just to put you Sandgropers in your place! 🙂

    Thanks for the info too!

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