Shifting Sands of Time!





















Here are a couple of other pics taken just over from the last sand dune art shot posted previously.

It was quite a amazing seeing the textures and shapes that had been created by wind alone and as I stood there waiting for the light, I was witnessing the constant evolution of this art and it occurred to me that if I went back the next day, these formations would be totally different again, so this is a once of in the form I have captured it here.

The ‘shifting sands of time’ as they say’!


~ by True North Mark on February 4, 2011.

9 Responses to “Shifting Sands of Time!”

  1. Hedging bets on colour or B&W … this time I prefer the B&W, the light coming in from the west is really highlighted by this one … I found if somewhat interesting what to photograph the amazing sand textures or the sky that had those amazing clouds, I like how you have combined the 2 in this shot … I think I only have like 2 or 3 from the afternoon like that …. Last evening the clouds looking far north looked stunning big puffy white ones with dead straight flat bases …

  2. Not a huge fan of either to be honest mate! Bit busy for my taste. A cool place though none the less.
    Atleast you know when i like your shots im telling the truth eh mate haha!

  3. Hi Mark
    been following you blog,love your photos,but feel your working them too much now so they dont look real
    just my taste of course!

  4. Markie love the composition on the image and for me its the Black and White hands down but oh don’t you love it when some smart arse puts but lol. I would like to see a bit more light in the foreground for some reason maybe a screen layer mask and blend it in then maybe a multiply layer and blend that in over the top to add a focal point to the tracks up the dune ( hoping thats what they are) but that is my thoughts only mate, well after the True North Day my mind has gone all arty goofy haha.
    Love the image all the same mate eh :).

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