Is anyone else having trouble loading photos in Word Press?


~ by True North Mark on February 2, 2011.

8 Responses to “Is anyone else having trouble loading photos in Word Press?”

  1. Just did a test on mine Mark and seems to have no problem ….

    • Mmm! I can’t seem to load photos at all?

      And I can’t seem to be able to contact WordPress help either as those buttons aren’t working?

      I’ll get the Flembot onto it!

  2. It’s been going crazy for a couple of days. My links went all haywire, even converted CFs link back to wordpress from last year.

    i had trouble with the last post of mine as well.

    • Cool..I am glad it is not just me!

      I sent them an email to support..perhaps you could do the same Merv?

      My fans probably think I have fallen off a cliff or something! 🙂

  3. I had the same thing as Merv re: CF’s old link and traffic seems really slow… Haven’t tried uploading any pics since yesty though…

    • I think that Facebook must have a server in North QLD or something as it appears to be in total meltdown on my machine!

      My fans are going to be beside themselves!

      • Maybe just your internet service provider as things seem normal here … But in saying that the lines from the US to Australia could be affected through the current weather patterns over the Pacific although I have not heard any reports about it … Other than having to listen to Gillard take another opportunity to annoy the crap out of me with her continual campaigning she does every time she opens her mouth … whoops wrong topic almost got side tracked …. again …

      • I’m back there big buddy!

        New post up a few moments ago!

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