Storm Clouds at Wyadup

Cyclone Bianca changed the plans for heaps of people this weekend…me included!

We were on the way to Rotto again until late Friday arvo when the forecast convinced me that maybe Eagle Bay was a safer option.

As it turned out Cyclone Bianca should have been called ‘Fizza Bianca’ as a rival thunderstorm in York and Northam showed Bianca what real havoc is all about!

In any case Christian Fletcher, the Flembot and my mate Ian Wise all met at 0445 on Saturday morning at Wyadup and were treated with some OK clouds and light created by Bianca.

I must say that I did not have such a good morning as this was the only image that I rate from the shoot!

Ian managed a pretty cool one from around a bit from here and yet to see what the other guys got.

~ by True North Mark on January 30, 2011.

20 Responses to “Storm Clouds at Wyadup”

  1. Should have seen the surf at Wyadup wedge today mate..keep your eyes on the net, should be some articles on it i rekon. was like Kirra!

  2. nice Markie, yeah I heard Taj was out there. Eagle Bay had waves this arvo, not great ones but waves none the less! Will check it tomorrow, hopefully the swell will stick around.

    • Cool…shoulda hung around for a cyclone surf mate!

      When cyclone Ably came through I surfed Point Walter!

      I reckon I am the only one who could say I’ve surfed the river eh!

      • Love those clouds … Man its been so long since i have photographed down south, must be at least a year or more … I remember Alby, man that was a long long time ago ….

      • Thanks again Neal…yep showing my age for sure with Alby! I was still an apprentice back then!

  3. Yep I rate it for sure mate nice clean shot and the reflection of the clouds on the rock pool too 🙂

  4. What a disappointing cyclone, we were all fired up for some storm shots and nothing happened! A great weekend down South though, thanks mate (I write to you, sitting 1 meter away from me).

    For sure though, my Mark the Mo Surfer image is the image of the weekend though!

  5. not a disapointing cyclone for the surf. check this
    people down there calling it a day for the history books!

    • Dam…I didn’t pick that one mate!

      Spent the morning having breaky with CF, when I should have been surfing by the looks!

  6. Here you go everyone, epic and legendary Mark the MO surfer:

  7. Lovely shot all the same Mark

  8. Nice clean image Mark ! The cool tones are… well cool… 🙂

    I can’t believe you weren’t onto the surf… ? sheesh buddy ! 😦
    I might have expected Christian (nowdays without his brave long hair ) and Flembot (no surf/TC background in Denmark) not to have been onto it… but not you.

    tone 😉

    • Must be getting soft in my old age mate….failed the mission dismally!

      • It doesn’t matter mate – I just posted an image that was sitting around on the HD for a reason… (I lacked the inspiration to complete it).
        Besides I’ve just seen the image of you stylin’ the waves that you did get with your new Chopper mo 🙂

  9. Very nice, one of your best if you ask me.

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