Pinnacles Tones





Another pano from the trip up to the Pinnacles with Neal Pritchard from Spool.

Once we had set up here a couple of German Tourists promptly stopped and stated ‘oh this looks like a good spot and you guys look like you know what you’re doing…mind if we take a shot…elbow elbow….could you move over a bit’!

I used to be amazed at such ignorance, but these days I have come to expect it somewhat!

Mr. Bo Jangles was sitting next to me as we worked this up and we rate it…hope you guys like it!

~ by True North Mark on January 27, 2011.

40 Responses to “Pinnacles Tones”

  1. Yep from me mate! the pic of the pinnacles shots of yours by far for me.
    Say gday to Flemming!

  2. is this somewhere on Rottnest ?

    • Hi Clive…he he not exactly…but I’m not in the Rotto comp so I am not rushing any images out from Rotto!

  3. Well I need to get some clouds where is the bin Mark I can’t see it haha mate really nice image the clouds give it drama and those Pinnacles set the image off its a banga for sure mate.
    Hopefully Flembot’s lip has gone down now :).

  4. It has a very surreal look to it, nice.

    • Thanks for the comments Peta and Andrew..yes I rate the image up there with a few of my favs I reckon!

      Did you get anything worthwhile from the air Peta?

      • Hi
        A couple, but by the tim I came for. Second pass due to another aircraft taking off you were all gone….
        Got some good stuff of the thong challenge over cottesloe,

      • Bummer!

        Let’s have a look at what you have in any case.

        They were all keen to get inside to learn from the gurus.



  5. Yep, I rate this image too Mark, nicely done!

  6. Yep I rate it too.

  7. Counting down the days mate!

  8. How was Australia Day?

    • Went off with a bang Dave!

      85 punters in the end and everyone had a ball.

      There was some good banter going on between the ‘Hackmen’ all day as well Mike and Rodney Thomas!

  9. A cracker mate. Best of your Nambung images.

    • Ta mate and thanks for the ideas we were bouncing off together whilst processing this last night.

      We might have to slip up there again whilst you are here!

  10. Looks good Mark, still can’t see a duck though!

  11. Rotto should be interesting this weekend Mark – post some storm pictures for us on Monday!


  12. I’ll look forward to it. Might be a good sunset tonight, and a good sunrise in the morning.


    • Yep we could do an early one.

      I’ll send you a text if it looks ok out my window at Tna.



  13. This is my fave from your pinnacle pics so far Mark, thanks for the guided tour of the boat the other day as well.

    • Thanks Peter…I was thinking about your comment previously about wondering how I would tackle the Pinnacles…did I live up to your expectations mate!

      No probs on the tour as well .



      • I think there are hundreds of ways of photographing the pinnacles and theres certainly no right or wrong for sure,Thats the beauty of places like this. I reckon if I went back I’d shoot them differently after checking out yours and Lukes pics, it’s all good.

      • I totally agree Peter!



  14. Awesome take of the Pinnacles Mark! You need to give me some one on one lessons some day haha.

    • Hi Wei-Li,

      Thanks for the vote of awesomeness mate! As mentioned in my email, I will let you know the final dates for the later trips on True North and you may want to tag along.


      True North Mark!

  15. yeah my pick of the lot too Mark. love how they stand out incredibly against those clouds. stunning light too. very, very nice work man

  16. Thanks heaps for the kind words Steven

  17. Great image Mark. Love the light hitting the pinnacles. I think this image would work well in B&W also.
    My only little nit pick is the trail on the right. I find the biggest challenge in shooting the pinnacles is getting compositions without the trail and footprints. Other than that I think the image is beautiful

    • Thanks Luke

      Yes I have thought of black and white and may look at one.

      I actually enhanced the light at the trail as I thought it gave the image a little depth…but each to his own eh!:)



  18. Very cool image Mark … Thats was rather funny with the tourists … So blatant …

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