PNG Hot Springs











One of the cool excursions we do on the True North PNG trips is the walk out to the Hot Springs. This water is boiling and if you put your finger or toe in you would pull it out scolded!

They cook food out here in metal baskets and it is an energy resource that is never ending and free…fed by mother nature and coming up from the hot core for some reason. There is a bit of a smell of sulphur around the specific area of the springs which is the only drawback I could see.

The steam coming off the gusher at the back was the most active in the area, sometimes throwing up boiling water to a height twice my height.

A pretty cool and different place for sure!

~ by True North Mark on January 20, 2011.

8 Responses to “PNG Hot Springs”

  1. Looks like an amazing place

    • A hot place…let tell you!

      Add hit steam to 35 degrees and 90% humidity Peta and you have sweat city!



  2. Looks like one otherworldly place! I went to some hot springs like this when i was in Vanuatu, was pretty cool!

  3. Where’s this one been hiding mate! Brilliant and one of your best! Eerie mood.

    • I have been sitting on it for a while mate as I was unsure about it!

      Thanks for the vote of confidence!



  4. cool image Mark. It’s always hard to do these places justice IMO, so you have done well here 🙂

  5. Like these last two Mark, different world to be sure!

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