PNG Canoe Family










Here is another image from PNG at the Duke of York islands actually.

This is so typical of how these guys get around and they literally travel miles and miles like this fishing and trading and just general visiting.

Where we would reach for our car keys these guys reach for a paddle!

And guess who are the fit ones out of the 2 races eh!

Pretty much everywhere we anchor, we get flotillas of locals selling trinkets and fresh fruit etc, which always makes for a colourful and photographic scene straight off the Marlin Board.


~ by True North Mark on January 20, 2011.

4 Responses to “PNG Canoe Family”

  1. Nice image Mark, love the colour reflections..what a way to travel..

    • Thanks Peta…I pulled some blues out to make the reflections pop a bit…which worked quite well I think!



  2. this one’s beautiful Mark. Great simplicity in the composition. The shimmering water patters are wonderful. How did I miss this one?
    PS like the current Pinnacles shot too!

    • I only posted it recently mate…so easily missed I guess!

      Yep I rate the Pinnacles shot as well thanks mate!

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