Boranup Beach Colours








Those of you who follow this blog will probably recall a similar shot I posted recently. The previous post was a stitch, but this is a single shot taken with my 28-300 zoom, taken at about 200mm I think from memory.

The zoom got me much closer to the beautiful aqua colours and at the same time we had a break in the cloud bringing in all that amazing soft light to bring out said colours.

The drama in the sky is also somewhat different to the previous shot and it compliments this shot quite well I reckon.

Hope you like it!


~ by True North Mark on January 18, 2011.

7 Responses to “Boranup Beach Colours”

  1. Nice feel to the shot Mark, sure is a nice beach. good surf too!
    I feel like it is a little overcooked on the sharpening, or some other technique you use to get detail out of the clouds/water. They just look like they need to be smoothed a bit. Clouds would look good with a bit of a motion blur painted in selectively i rekon. Especailly where there is no detail in the clouds to remove the graininess introduced by whatever technique is that you are using.
    Keep em coming !

    • I think it is texture coming from the lense actually Matty…but you are probably right, I could look at some motion blur to control it!

      • Looks like that wind was howling too, not helping for the smooth water. I think its just the top of the clouds where the sky is empty that needs some control. Then the texture in the rest of the image will stand on its own as a feature, rather than a artifact over the whole image 🙂

  2. Stunning colour palette in this one mate – love it !

  3. cool image Mark.

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