Evolution at Work!









































Add a large boat, a large truck, a can do attitude and what do you get!

You get a seriously heavy lift and a move of a 30m cat up to our yard for some modifications is what!

Evolution Commercial has 3 weeks to do some major reno’s to this vessel and we are up to the task!

These shots were taken by none other that the travelling man of mystery, the Flembot as I had to take my grandson to Rotto…thanks heaps Mr. Bo Jangles! They were edited by yours truly and the lift itself was co-ordinated by my partner in Evolution Jurien.

A big well done to all as I know there were a few curve balls along the way!

Stay tuned for the time lapse also taken by the Flembot and the editing will be done by none other than the Mikie Mike Fletcher..video guru extra ordinare! Mike is also going to set up a time lapse for the work we will be doing on the boat as well.

~ by True North Mark on January 16, 2011.

14 Responses to “Evolution at Work!”

  1. That must have been quite a sight on the road. Gotta love heavy haulage. What is it supposed to do once work’s completed on it?

    • The vessel is an offshore support boat Charlene and we are adding some bulbous bows to give it more bouyancy in the bow.



      • Wow… stuff of dreams (ok i have strange dreams). Sounds awesome. I am definitely keeping an eye out for more info on this. What’s her name?

      • Sorry, I should have added: Or is she going to remain Lauri-J? (I was assuming for some reason that you would re-christen.)

      • No the name stays Charlene….it’s just a refit.



  2. hey mate, thanks for the gig it was one awesome sight and a fun day all in all. Man I was buggered when I got home, video, time lapse and stills and 6 hours in the sun.

    I hope the time lapse and video is usable as when people see that they might drop a jaw or two. That was one surreal sight, a 30 meter cat on a trailer driving up a road in Henderson. Bit scary moment up the steep drive way when they pulled the truck with two cranes to add power just to be safe.

    There was also a really cool moment when a white big tractor arrived and simply pushed that huuuuge red boat (seen in 2nd last image) out of the way like it was feather weight.

    I have arrived in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, loving being back in Asia and the tropics.

    • Well done Flembot…you did great mate!

      I hope you liked the processing!

      Glad you arrived safely mate.

      See you in a few weeks.



  3. good shots guys,looks like an interesting project. Hope to see the time-lapse!

  4. Look forward to seeing the time lapse …. The black & white pov is pretty cool as are the tones of the deck …

    • Yep the Black and White is my fav as well Neal…the time lapse should be up next week or so….see you Friday!

  5. I will do a blog post about this day as well when I get the chance – featuring me in my YMCA outfit !

    I can’t wait to see the time lapse as well, I have only seen it by flicking through the images on the back of the screen. There’s some cool video as well of this beast towed by a tiny truck.

    Black and white version is probably the best here, quite cool!

  6. I look forward to the timelapse videos guys ! amongst this lot I like the B&W image the best 🙂

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