Pilbara Sunset











I am sure that you will be able to relate to the lead up to getting this capture. When at Onslow we could see some really nice clouds forming both near Onslow and further North over Karartha where we were headed.

It was time to head back to Karartha as that is where our hotel was booked for, knowing full well that the sunset was going to go off, but not knowing exactly where we would be for said sunset!

As it started to build and take shape, I was trying to remember what I had seen that might be capture worthy whilst all the time juggling the thought that if we didn’t stop soon I might get nothing at all!

This flooded creek appeared and I called for Jurien to pull over and sure enough the after sunset glow was impressive indeed. I nice tranquil scene set off by the moon off in the distance….hope you like it!

~ by True North Mark on January 13, 2011.

20 Responses to “Pilbara Sunset”

  1. so cool mate!

  2. Sweet light and capture Mark …. The moon is a nice touch and I love how it has some foreground interest …

  3. Sweet colors Mark..like the moon too. Looks a bit over-sharpened? Maybe a bit too much freaky detail..could be when you have resized it for the web. I have found when using that technique it looks really good on the full size image but when it is reduced, as it is a pixel based technique, seems to make images look a bit over-sharpened or contrastyy….Nice sunset all the same!

  4. Very nice Mark. Looks like a nice evening to sit back with an ice cold beer 🙂

  5. Crackalacka !!! (I’ve been around Mark too much…no, just enough 🙂

    I agree it looks oversharpened at this size, halos around the rocks and sharp edges in soft water. I thank that double sharpening for web is too much, hammers the image. Try my sharpening action instead 🙂 See ya later

  6. Now those colours are going off ! Done well for them not to blow there Markie…
    Is flmbot going to put up a tutorial on this technique ? I find the double sharpen thigy works about 95% of the time… Sometimes it overkills it other times soft…


  7. Nice indeed love the moon gives it an earthly like feel mate eh 🙂

  8. Nice image Mark, you were so lucky the moon was in the right spot!! 😉

  9. Nice image Mark, you were so lucky the moon was in the right spot!!

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