Hearson’s Cove, Dampier, Pilbara





I have just returned from a business trip to Onslow with my business partner Jurien.

This morning we had some time to kill and chose to set out to Hearson’s Cove on the Burrup Peninsula which is a place very dear to me.

Very few of you are probably aware that I lived in Dampier as a kid from 1964 till 1970, back when bitumen roads finished at Canarvon, there was no TV, no radio and a very simple lifestyle.

Hearson’s Cove was somewhere we went to as a family to go swimming and fishing for Whiting and to go back there this morning and see this beautiful sunrise brought many memories flooding back…although I was struggling with the detail as it is soooo long ago!

I also recall when my Father, then a Senior Recruiting Manager for Hamersely Iron, took me to somewhere way out from Hearson’s Cove and he showed me where the future Post Office of Karatha was going to be and he told me right there and then that it was planned to be one of the largest mining towns in the North West.

Of course that prediction has indeed come true and woe is me for not taking heed of that foresight and buying some real estate after that! 🙂

Hearson’s Cove is a snippet of beauty tucked right in amongst the industry and if you look at the image off to the left, you will see part of a factory.

I hope you like the image as much as I enjoyed catching up with some old memories!


~ by True North Mark on January 11, 2011.

29 Responses to “Hearson’s Cove, Dampier, Pilbara”

  1. Hey Mark,

    I think you’ve just set yourself an extremely high standard for 2011 very early on in year. I love the subtle colours but even more importantly I just love those waves.

    Great stuff mate. I got to take CF, MF and Larry out there 1.5years ago.


    • Thanks Jamie…glad you liked it mate…looking fwd to our chat later this week!

      And Toneman…glad you liked the image and the journey bud!

  2. Top image of a gorgeous looking spot Mark. I can only imagine this paradise in your youth and the family trips there… thanks for the story and journey.

  3. Nice one Mark I like it.

    Is that Jurien Bay you went with … I’ve heard of him. 🙂

    • Very funny Merv man!

      Yep Jamie, we can do lunch.

      Thanks Mr. Spool…glad you liked the story mate!

  4. Hi Mark,

    Did you want to have lunch after our meeting?


  5. Sweet capture Mark and a nice background story to it as well ….

  6. Mark,
    That is one fantastic photo and an even better blog! great work.

  7. Bloody awesome use of PTgui there mate 🙂

    It has a lovely soft sunrise feel to it, glad you didn’t smash it too hard with processing as it’s good just as it is (from me to Mark, one end of the couch to the other, we still communicate through blogs!)

  8. What a grouse little spot! Well captured Mark, nice story as well!

  9. Wonderful shot Mark!

  10. Yep have to agree, nice image, very peaceful ….bet there’s a lot of memories flooding in…

    • Thanks Peta …..but it was so long ago eh!

      I listened to the man landing on the moon by SW radio!



  11. Lovely cpature….always nicer with a story attached. Thanks for the insight. 🙂

    • Thanks Sandy…I will try to do more stories with the images in the future as I can see that this is of interest as well as the images!

      Thanks for the vote of confidence as well there Andrew!

  12. Nice work as per usual Mark, I recall dropping in to this little spot for a dip on my way around the country

  13. Nice peaceful, wide open space Mark, well captured.

  14. Nice One Mark! Looks like a sweet spot to go fishing! Impressive stitching effort with all those little swell lines – gets the eye moving too!

    • Thanks Stevey boy!

      I learned some new PT Gui tricks thanks to the Flembot that made it work!

      Cool eh!

  15. Wanna share those tricks ????

    • Sure…come on the True North gig at Rotto and will happily share there Mervy!

      It needs to be shown not something I could post I feel.

  16. It is a pretty cool spot there. Spent plenty of time there while I was working up there. That is the Burrup Fertiliser plant that has just gone into administration on the left, and in the background you can see the Pluto site. An amazing thing to see on the Burrup is when you have a shiteload of rain and the waterfalls start working!!

    • Cool mate….yep I spent heaps of time up there as a kid as well.

      Are you coming on TN on Aussy Day?



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