Busselton Jetty





I was down south just before Xmas staying at True North Ashore when we caught up with Christian and Mike Fletcher and their girls for a pre Chrissey dinner.

On the way home, these cool clouds were forming as a result of a low coming down from the Pilbara…the one that actually flooded Canarvon actually! So I decided to capture my first crack at the Busselton jetty.

I am pretty happy with it and the colours are not too bad given how overcast it was that day…hope you like it troops!

~ by True North Mark on January 8, 2011.

8 Responses to “Busselton Jetty”

  1. How many times do think the old Busso jetty has been snapped Mark ? It looks bloody long in this pic.
    Good POV and nice clean image.

  2. Crisp image there Mark 🙂

  3. Nice composition there Mark love them clouds to eh 🙂

  4. Sweet clouds and capture Mark ….

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