Join me on True North this year!!!

I have been speaking to a few of the bloggers out there lately about cruises I am doing on the True North next year and thought that I should do an official post so that anyone thinking of joining me on a cruise will be able to consider their schedules.

For sure I am doing trip 1 in the Kimberley this year which is a 2 week trip and in my opinion the best possible time to see the Kimberley’s as everything is absolutely going nuts as it is just at the end of the wet, so waterfalls are raging, the colours are awesome and on most nights we are treated with way cool Tropical storms just to set the mood before bar snacks!

Joining me on this trip so far are Flemming Bo Jensen and Greg Munyard, who are both passionate photogs and we have one other seriously considering joining.

Next on this years cruise list is the Rowley Shoals. Not quite sure which of these trips I will be doing yet, but if anyone would like to do a Rowley’s trip and has a date preference, I can be flexible at this time. I rate the Rowley Shoals as up there with the best snorkelling and diving in the world and I have been diving for 37 years!

And then there is a new PNG itinerary yet to be released and I will be doing that one as well, so there will be a whole new area to explore and capture! The itinerary has not been scoped as yet, but I will post full details when they are known.

And last but by no means least are our new pricing schedules! Check out the new heavily discounted pricing that very much makes all of our trips very affordable, especially when you consider that every cruise will only have a maximum of 36 guests with up to 20 crew to look after your every need, 6 fast tenders and a full time helicopter on board!

If anyone is interested in joining me or any other cruises next year, please see the website for details at North Star Cruises.

If you would like to discuss anything at all with me, please drop me a line at;

~ by True North Mark on January 4, 2011.

10 Responses to “Join me on True North this year!!!”

  1. After the New Years Sydney Rocks trip, I will definitely be looking to go again in the future. Absolutely amazing experience.

  2. kimberley sounds sooooo good!
    u might see me there one day!

    • Sweet Dylan…come play mate…I will guarantee you a photog experience like none other!

      It would be good if you can make Kimberly 1 this year!

  3. Just have to finish this PhD mate and start earning the big bucks and then ill be onboard for sure

  4. Awesome news that Dave Bettini is joining us in Kimberley. Is Greg Munyard coming to Kimberley as well? Oh dear 😀 And I thought I was mostly going to relax, shoot a few imgs here and there. Seems the game is on again 🙂

    Seriously, for anyone considering joining Markie onboard True North – GO! True North is worth every penny and I would seriously recommend you get on that Papua New Guinea cruise, it will blow you away. The quality of the whole True North experience, the ship, the crew, the destinations are unmatched!

    • Yo mate, the other member of the Rabaul exploration team is certainly coming…Greggy and Maria have been booked for quite a while now!

      Indeed it will be game on again for sure!

      Thanks for the kind comments mate!



      • Fantastic, will be great to see Greg and Maria again.

        WORD OF WARNING to Dave Bettini and his new Phase One – people tend to drop them when they walk next to me near water! Be very very careful.

        (On the trip down South my Jedi mind tricks made Antony Spencer drop a Zeitz lens on bitumen, doh!)

      • I’ll be watching you very closely Mr. Bo Jangles!



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