Slow Mo Runners for Bo

This one’s for Bo who suggested he would like to see a slower shutter speed of the runners to see some movement…well here it is son!

I was probably a little too slow actually, but it kinda works I think?

Off for a dive for some crays and a surf now…maybe if it gets up as it is supposed to!

~ by True North Mark on December 29, 2010.

4 Responses to “Slow Mo Runners for Bo”

  1. Yes indeed, does imply movement. They’re rather far away though 🙂

    What I was thinking was, close up, pan with the runners, about 1/25th exposure, then rear curtain sync and fire the flash. Nice panning blur and then sharp exposure of their faces with the rear curtain flash.

    • Way too technical for me there little buddy…you’ll have to show me some of those tricks on our next adventure!

  2. Great effort by these two blokes to do this and achieve it. The only place I’d be running is to get in that gorgeous looking water ! Nice one Markie !

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