Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, Augusta


















As I mentioned in the previous post, we spent Monday night shooting the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse in Augusta under a beautiful full moon and an unusually warm evening thanks to the tropical low that had brought both the cool clouds and the warm easterly airflow.

You can get lucky sometimes can’t you, but as they say ‘F8 and be there is a good start to getting a good shot’ eh!

It was a great opportunity to get into the lighthouse at night to do some shooting that would normally be off limits…very cool!

~ by True North Mark on December 22, 2010.

14 Responses to “Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, Augusta”

  1. Hey you got that bottom one right Mark …. a yep from me mate.

  2. Excellent images Mark, Love the first one in particular.

  3. Shooting under a full moon is so much fun – but it is harder to actually produce something worthwhile with the light from the full moon.

    The bottom one is clearly the best with the cloud movement. Still, it is a lighthouse and it may not be possible here but I always feel a shot of a lighthouse should feature the ocean as well to complete the story, preferably a lighthouse looking out over a vast ocean. To place them into context, if not they’re just a round tall building really.

    • Just about impossible to get that shot as a night shot there I reckon Bo.

      The ocean is a long way away on all sides.

  4. 2nd image = GOLD.

  5. Yep – 2nd image is a winner. Love the deep blue and the star trails around the lighthouse.

  6. yep it is great that is why I hate you!

  7. Nice ones Mark, always like good lighthouse images!

  8. Awesome shots Markie,
    So sharp, and nice even lighting without the light tower been too blown out.

    Love them.

    Have a great Christmas.


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