Boranup Beach

Yesterday I set out with Christian and a bunch of Photogs, namely Merv French, Peter Hodgson, Jamie Paterson, Mike Fletcher, Jamie Nichalo and the other James…sorry last name escapes me mate! Anyway, the gig was to follow 2 guys who Christian and Mike know very well who wanted to run the Cape to Cape walk in one day…a lazy 120 km, thanks very much!

We woke up at 0330 and the runners set out at 0400 and ran all day, finally reaching the other cape at 2315!

I seriously take my hat off to those guys and I doubt that anyone has tackled such an arduous task in one day before anywhere!

The day itself had some challenges with rain setting in for the morning and some parts of the afternoon. The guys were running in wet shoes and were constantly changing their running gear, but still they pushed on.

Our mission was to follow them in 2 groups to capture the event so that a book can be put together to commemorate the event. I can understand why because if I took that on, the book would be to commemorate my passing! 🙂

To cap things off we stayed up till midnight the night before doing a full moon night shoot at the Augusta lighthouse, so we only got 3.5 hours seep in the first place. Christian kindly gave me a thin camping mat and a sleeping bag and after tossing and turning all night I found in the morning that you can actually blow it up…doh!

Anyway the mission was completed and I managed to shoot 600 images yesterday, many of which are quite acceptable. This one took my fancy as the first image and I will post more as I work them up.

~ by True North Mark on December 22, 2010.

8 Responses to “Boranup Beach”

  1. Hey Mark,

    I think this place was easily “The Catch Of The Day”. Great shot mate and I really like this angle. I’m currently working on a lighthouse shot.


  2. That’s nice Mark. I’ll have a few to put up shortly as well.

  3. Nice stuff Markie, I haven’t seen boranup look this cool before. Those sand banks look unreal. The colour in the water is awesome too. Must get back there.

    • Thanks little buddy!

      Yep that was one of the stand outs of the trip for sure…more to come..stay tuned…one just about to be loaded as we speak!

  4. A winner mate! I love how the clouds mirror the lines on the and the colours are really good.

    Sounds like one amazing eventful day, and running that distance in one day is just unbelivable, fantastic effort and big kudos to everyone.

    • I am still recovering mate, so I can just imagine how the runners are feeling!

      Thanks for the feedback little buddy!

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