Rottnest Red!








After the Red Bull race this afternoon the cloud build up over at Rottnest Island looked very promising…but where to go…decisions decisions!

I have had an idea in mind for a while now of getting the red glow of a sunset on the interior lakes at Rottnest Island so we ventured out.

The closer to sunset the less likely it looked that we would be rewarded for our efforts, in fact I had all but given up and had packed up and was walking back when Greg looked behind and called out ‘we have an ofter glow!

I went racing back to the spot I had scoped before and watched not only this glow develop but a really cool rod belting down into the water.

It only lasted a few minutes so it was a bit frantic… but I think this has worked out OK…hope you like it!

~ by True North Mark on December 11, 2010.

7 Responses to “Rottnest Red!”

  1. Nice sunset and foreground.

  2. The salt looks like snow….awesome christmas shot! hee hee

  3. Love this image Mark. The colours look fantastic and love the composition.

  4. I’m a bit confused about the “cool rod” thing going on but great image. The foreground almost looks like snow. Have you used a little fill flash in the foreground or maybe a ND grad over the sky?

    • Blended image there Muzz man! Exposed for the foreground and the background and blended it mate. The red rod was real and quite surreal actually!

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