Red Bull Lighthouse to Leighton: Hang Loose!








There were 3 photogs covering the Red Bull Lighthouse to Leighton race on the RIB with me, my old mate Greggy, Young Reece Tripi and myself.

Photography is often about position and in this case Reece was certainly on the right side of the boat as this Kite Surfer came straight at him with a really freaky look on his face and he certainly scored gold! Reece shoots with a Canon 50D and in RAW with a zoom lense.

We downloaded his images onto my lappy and I couldn’t resist working this one up for him.

Well done Reece!

~ by True North Mark on December 11, 2010.

9 Responses to “Red Bull Lighthouse to Leighton: Hang Loose!”

  1. Why does the water line on Rotto slope to the right . 🙂

  2. Top shot..
    They sure go fast, one minute they are in the viewfinder the next they disappear.
    They looked amazing from the air.

    • Thanks for all the comments Pera…you missed a cracker sunrise this morning!

      Hope the cold is getting better.



  3. Great timing and a top shot indeed. He looks a little freakish as you say, great comic book The joker expression

  4. It’s more than just position, skill is also required to take the perfect picture…

    Reece & Greggy

  5. It is more than just positioning, skill is also required to take the perfect shot…


    Reece & Greggy

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