Red Bull Light House to Leighton Kite Surfing Race


Both Birds Eye Views. Col and the lovely Peta Anne North put me onto the Red Bull Lighthouse to Leighton Kite Surfing race today and we set ourselves up in a mates RIB right on the beach where the entrants were doing their turns and jumps.

We had a fat time and some of the guys really turned it on for us. There is no way we would have been able to catch them after the race started as they were outta there!

I saw both Col and Peta covering the race from the air and I hope they too got some gold. Pretty happy with these captures. If anyone form the race finds this blog and would like some photos, just drop me a line and we can work something out. I have heaps of photos so if you were in th race, there is a good chance I have a shot of you.

~ by True North Mark on December 11, 2010.

20 Responses to “Red Bull Light House to Leighton Kite Surfing Race”

  1. Hi Mark,
    If you put a link on Seabreeze here you’ll certainly find all the people you’ve taken photos of.
    Sorry we didn’t come looking for you guys but RIA set up an exclusion zone of 1,500ft around the start line which kind of ruined all of our good photo opps.

    • Will do Col..bummer dude!

      Maybe youshould gave been down with us plebs!

      I was a the grey Riv when you flew over Longreach

      Did you see me waving?



  2. Yep you were definatley in the right place, I liked the first one the best it would be a another pic for your book.

  3. Great shots…..I popped down yesterday arvo to have a look. Looked like lots of fun….beautiful day for it!

  4. The first one is a perfect one for the book as Peta says, classic Rotto scene it would appear, good one.

  5. Hi Mark

    I was in the Rotto Kite Race Number 39 with a yellow black and white kite with ECLIPSE written right across the canopy.
    I was one of the first kites to launch and was cruising around for a while.
    I lived on Rotto for a few years and love the place so would be stoked to get some kiting photo’s if you have any.


    • Hi Kent,

      I will have a look through my shots this evening and let you know if I have one of you. The Kite colour rings a bell so I think I would have one…stay tuned!

  6. How did you go in the race by the way Kent?

    • Still not to sure of my place but Im guessing I might have just snuck in the top twenty in just over 30 mins which I am more than happy with because I didn’t really have the right gear, was happy to just make the crossing this time and was one of only two riders that did it without footstraps.
      Next year look out Alex 😉

      • Well done Kent….it was quite a spectacle and next year look out for me on the South Side as I will be there again and I will get some photo gold for you..I will still look at what I got this year and revert!

  7. How do I access Rotto race photos

    • Hi Jonno,

      I have not posted them all, but if you let me know your race number and kite colour I can look thru what I have?

      I might put a few up on Flikr later tonight and will send you the link.



  8. Hi Mark,
    is there any of me? Chick on blue board, blue kite and long blue kite pants, #2.

  9. Hi there. Great pics. I like the angle you captured.
    Interested in getting a nice shot of the start of the race with rotto in frame if possible.
    Also i was number 47 if you were able to locate a pic of me id be stoked. mainly White, orange and black kite
    Cheers Toby
    Email with reply cheers

    • Hi Toby,

      Yes I have one of you and the start.

      I will email them to you right now and see what you think.

      I can do canvas and semi gloss. Let me know what size and if canvas or not and I’ll work a price out for you.

  10. Hi Mark
    Great pics of Ian Young, close to pic of event. Do you have any of me no 26 pn white and orange cabrinha kite with gopro camera on my silver helmet?
    Regards Dennis

    • Thanks Dennis,

      I have a few more shots up on the blog now….let me have a look and see if I have any of you.



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