Cervantes Jetty




I took this the other day whilst up at Cervantes. This is the old jetty where they used to land their crayfish.

Cool clouds eh!

It looks like Photogs aren’t cooks eh, as I have had little or no feedback on those recipes! Oh well…I shall just keep them to myself then! 🙂

~ by True North Mark on December 10, 2010.

16 Responses to “Cervantes Jetty”

  1. ice capture Mark …. and I just read your cray recipe … I’ll be doing it for christmas day for the family …. whens the book out?

    • I have a contact who I will be talking to about a book next week I reckon.

      In that book I will incorporate some recipes as well.

    • Which one are you going to use there Neal?

      • looking at the thai chilli one, but may have to also do the plum sauce one for the kids in the family …

        i’m with you on crays, I can eat or leave them and much prefer our blue swimmer or swan river prawns … the wa crays seems to have a slightly harsh finishing taste when compared to the sydney/tassie crays with are a different species i guess … but come christmas day it will be eat as much as I can before passing out under the back tree unless my daughter is climbing all over me which is usually the case LOL ….

      • Good choice…yep I rate both of those actually mate!

        The cray snizzel works well for a quick and easy meal.

        Let me know how the recipes are received on the day and have a great Chrissey mate!

  2. Will do Mark …. have a great Chrissy with your family if we dont catch up before then, we should afterwards ….

  3. As I said in the post, it’s fresh or nothing for me. Same with fish, i don’t like much if any sort of marinade or sauce on fresh fish, just keep it simple and enjoy the freshness and true flavour.

  4. I do love crayfish Mark. But neither Kim and I can cook! Although I must admitt I am now thinking of crayfish! We got an awesome fishermans basket from the fish n chips place up there earlier this year.

    And it is indeed at great sky mate!
    Have a great weekend

  5. I like these iconic west coast shots. There are some great jetties up the coast for sure.

  6. Cool clouds…cool jetty ! Top spot Markie !

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