Kevieng Markets











On the last day when we arrived in Kevieng, we had some time to kill so Christian, Jenny, Greggy, Bomont and I went to the local markets to see just how the locals do their shopping. This scene typifies the markets with fresh pineapples and Lychees in the foreground and the girl offering change to the buyer.

As per Flemming Bo Jensens technique this was shot from the hip and she had no idea I was taking her photo!

The pineapples in PNG are the best I have tasted anywhere. Can’t quite figure that out but it is probably due to the fact they are very fresh and not something that has been picked and stored for some time or grown out of season!

~ by True North Mark on December 6, 2010.

5 Responses to “Kevieng Markets”

  1. Sorry it’s taken me nearly 20 min to comment .

    By the way you have dandruff all over your blog. 🙂

  2. Shooting from the hip in markets is the way to go! You catch great situations like this, also you get the camera much lower, works with people sitting down.

    I really like her pose and look – I would crop it much tighter to concentrate on her, tnfp the hell out of the background so just a light beam would illuminate her going from top left corner to bottom right.

  3. I like it mate.

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