Bicton waters sunrise








We recently moved to East Fremantle and are very much loving the area and the range of things to do that are so close by. Having come from acreage the concept of walking down the river or walking down to a coffee shop was simply not an option for us.

Last weekend I went for a bike ride on the Saturday around the river and then with an old school buddy, went for a paddle on Sunday at sunrise.

It was a spectacular morning and sooo calm! I took my trusty 1Ds and pinged off a few captures along the way.

Nothing like a paddle on the swan early in the morning I say!

~ by True North Mark on December 6, 2010.

11 Responses to “Bicton waters sunrise”

  1. It sounds like you are in a great spot there Mark and enjoying it’s perks to the max 🙂
    Just gotta love living by the water I think !

    • Yo bro…much easier to keep the gills wet mate!

      They were drying out big time on the acreage! 🙂

      Got that new 5D yet mate?

      • I bet ! I know I can’t stay away from it for too long either !
        Hope to have my mits on one and photoshop by the end of the week.. 🙂 woohoo !
        There’s been some killer skies and storms over the last week – lol

      • Go son go!

        Can’t wait to see the new and totally inspired Toneman back again!

        He will be awesome and focused and unstoppable I reckon!

  2. Love the clouds and the water, magic morning by the looks of it.

    • Thanks Treas…yep it was a pleasure to be out and I scope a few new spots for some sunset vantage points as well!

  3. Great shot Mark! As Peta said those clouds are amazing. love the snow on the blog as well.

  4. Hey Mark

    awesome treatment on the sky there bet your loving the coffee and what not as well.



  5. Sounds like a good move….coffee shops, morning paddles…living in East Freo is like being on holiday everyday 🙂 Nice shot too!

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