Tufi Dugout Warrior







Christian Fletcher did a great rendition of this scene previously.

This is my take on it…somewhat different, but I think it still works.

~ by True North Mark on December 4, 2010.

6 Responses to “Tufi Dugout Warrior”

  1. I must be honest mate and say I find this a bit busy. It is a great scene but needs to be more focused on the one subject.

  2. Im with Flemming,
    Epic scene though, looks like such a cool place. I rekon you could go with a square crop, just keep in the 2 dugouts with the people in them. Then try and cut through some of the contrast in the vegetation at the top. Maybe a bit of a vignette.
    THen you would be on a winner i rekon. Have a nice diagonal with the canoe in the front, guy looking into the frame, then the other watching on in the background

  3. did these guys dress up for you or are they always like this, look like a very tarzan type place to visit, very cool!

    • Hi Greg,

      The answer is 2 fold. On the first day in Allotau they were having a canoe racing festival which gave them a reason to get out the traditional gear for some dancing and singing.

      For the rest of the trip we had almost daily shows from the various villages we visit which they practice for over some time knowing that we are coming. The tribal leaders love it as it gives them a reason to pass on the traditions to the young ones thus carrying on their culture.

      They really have the rhythm in them for sure and the shows are very good and different the further North you go.

      On one trip I did in PNG we had these young boys about 8 years old as our guides to the Goldie Bird of Paradise and as they were running through the forrest they just started to sing. The echos through the forrest were simply magical!

  4. sent you an email!

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