PNG Warman











Here is the second rendition of the PNG Warman moment. A bit of a shame about the water droplet, but I guess it adds to the mood and shows just how heavy the downpour was….conditions where only the 1Ds MK3 dare come out to play…whilst the Phase and the 5DMK2 were hiding away and afraid to even stick their head out!

I really like the 3d effect that has been created by this image and it has given me some ideas for some future work!

~ by True North Mark on December 4, 2010.

10 Responses to “PNG Warman”

  1. Ha ha, looks like you shot this over your shoulder as you were running away! Good one!

    • That’s about how it was mate…they came out of nowhere and I pinged it off on the run!



  2. Nice shot Mark… it’s a shame that the warrior wasn’t just a tad sharper with the background still blurry…. If you had used strobe with this, the strobe would have helped sharpen him.

    I like the lighting on his skin…. I would have loved to do a bit of a study on him.


    • Hey Brent…thanks mate….it was raining cats and dogs mate…like you were standing under a fire hydrant!!!

      I was using the flash for a few shots but all I was getting was highlighted raindrops.

      Go the 1ds…it is the only camera that could have handled those conditions or captured anything actually!



  3. I do not know what was worse…not being able to shoot myself, or watching Mark with a big grin on his face just shooting away on the 1D !!! 😀 I just remember smiling in these incredible conditions and kept saying “bloody bastard” to Mark 🙂

    Seriously, it rained, no not rain, it was like all air had been replaced by water. It was like standing under a fire hydrant as you say mate, good way of describing it.

    Considering the conditions and how quickly these guys appeared you did well here. If the water droplet was not there and he was sharper, you would have gold. How many people lost cameras this day? it was quite a downpour!

    • Yes as you say Bomont a bit of a shame for those reasons…but my take on it is that those little details add to the effect and the drama.



    • LOL. Just realised that ‘not being able to shoot myself’ is a rather funny way of stringing together a sentence. Not being able to shoot and PHOTOS myself is probably what I meant 🙂

      • No I reckon you were right the first time mate!

        You and Christian felt like shooting yourselves coz you didn’t have a 1ds! 🙂



      • Hehe indeed. Actually I reckon an underwater housing would have been perfection, that way the lens would be dry as well. Ah well, can’t win them all. I have some snapshots and video from my Sony waterproof compact that really shows how much it poured down.

      • Yep for sure mate…that would have been the ultimate solution!



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