The Fremantle Doctor Sailing











Well the Fremantle Doctor was showing us the full might of our daily breeze yesterday and most seagoers were tucked back in their pens, but not this avid adventurer, who just punched his way out into the short chop that is the norm where the sea meets the river currents and off he went!

Once again the cloud structure and lines were really quite unusual and interesting which is what attracted me to the shot in the first place.

Jamie was encouraging me to get the 300 out and I am glad I did, but I was not able to get too many sharp images as it was howling!

~ by True North Mark on December 2, 2010.

4 Responses to “The Fremantle Doctor Sailing”

  1. Mate how could you not get the 300mm out? The boat hitting the waves reminded me of an Old Spice ad. Mental note to self I must get a longer lens.

    Its a great shot and you framed it well.


    • Thanks Jamie,

      Yep for sure I should have got it out, but also for sure…should have uped the ISO for some faster shutter speeds…DOH!



  2. I hear you. Yes higher ISO would’ve been good but let’s face it we were like two kids in a candy store.

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